Citizens are still moving out of extremist, deep blue, left-wing states in droves according to the data provided by the Internal Revenue Service.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

The IRS last week published its annual data on the migration of taxpayers and adjusted gross income (AGI) between states. California ranked, again, as the biggest income loser ($23.8 billion) in 2022, followed by New York ($14.2 billion), Illinois ($9.8 billion), New Jersey ($5.3 billion) and Massachusetts ($3.9 billion). The top gainers were Florida ($36 billion), Texas ($10.1 billion), South Carolina ($4.8 billion), Tennessee ($4.7 billion) and North Carolina ($4.6 billion).

Although higher interest rates and housing prices reduced mobility in 2022, the flight from progressive states far surpassed pre-pandemic levels. California lost nearly three times as much income in 2022 to other states as it did in 2019. New Jersey’s net income loss hit a record in 2022, largely owing to fewer New Yorkers moving across the Hudson River. …

Take a look at the blue state disaster:

Some of the biggest problems these blue states are experiencing is soaring energy costs, exploding housing costs, and skyrocketing government spending and the subsequent tax hikes needed to sustain that spending.

The numbers also show that business owners have seen a collapse of income with Calif., New York, Illinois, and New Jersey seeing far below the national average of growth. In fact, Illinois has seen negative growth! Employee wage growth also lags behind the national average as well as that seen in red states.

So, with all these negative economic pressures, both citizens and businesses are voting with their feet and moving out of their failed blue states.

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