With the west coast of the United States on fire, the Taliban dragging women and children from their homes in Afghanistan, and a massive surge in COVID-19 cases pouring into our hospital systems, a record-breaking number of illegals crossing the southern border (many with COVID), and a hurricane bearing down on his home state, one would think that the politically-minded Sen. Schumer would have a hard time finding time or reason to dance.  Chucky Schumer’s dance moves.

Yet, here we are, watching the ruling class and their celebrity cohorts living it up at what was billed as a post-pandemic concert in a city that just reinstated their mask mandate.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are facing backlash on Twitter after videos showed them yucking it up over the weekend while Afghanistan, and President Biden’s legacy, are under siege.

Schumer, D-N.Y., was spotted dancing backstage with late-night comedian Stephen Colbert during the “We Love NYC: The Homecoming Concert” in Central Park, which was cut short Saturday night due to inclement weather. A video of the dancing, tweeted by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio spokesman Bill Neidhardt, racked up more than three million views

The video was cringe-inducing, even without the extenuating circumstances of our national leadership crisis.

Then, clear across the country:

Meanwhile, a video posted Sunday by New York Times reporter Kenneth Vogel shows Pelosi, D-Calif., talking about getting out the vote during a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) retreat in Napa Valley racked up over 650,000 views. Pelosi was criticized for the lack of diversity at the DCCC fundraiser and for donors not wearing masks while sitting within close proximity of each other.

Maybe the Schumer, Colbert dance was a rain dance because, in the middle of the concert, NY Mayor, Dumb-Dumb DeBlasio got on stage and sent people home because of the coming rain.


Chucky Schumer's dance moves

That early ending was positive as it spared the audience from suffering through a political monologue from Bruce Springsteen who, when he performs, believes that people want to hear him promote socialism instead of performing music.

Chucky Schumer's dance moves


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Chucky Schumer’s dance moves.