If Chuck Schumer was not a United States Senator, he would be one of those slimy lawyers who chase ambulances and funeral processions ignoring the feelings of crash victims and/or their families just so he can hand off his business cards and gain more business.
But Politics was the NY Senator’s chosen profession, instead of chasing ambulances he chases TV  camera’s so he can get air time, instead of ignoring the feelings of crash victims, he ignores the feelings of voters. The arrogance of Chuck Schumer is the arrogance of all progressives, he knows better than the rest of us, he doesn’t work for the voters but only for himself and his cronies. Voters are to be treated like ignorant children, to be talked at just to be “mined” for votes.
The Senator’s latest display of arrogance is his rationale for the unpoularity of democratic programs;
“Sour” voters reluctant to award Democrats for their legislative success. Yes, that’s right, according to the self-serving Schumer, it has nothing to do with the fact that NY voters may understand and reject the progressive agenda, NY’s Senior Senator believes his constituents are cranky idiots who reject the the progressive agenda only because they are nasty people

Asked why the Democrats are still expected to lose seats in November after passing major bills like healthcare reform, credit card reform, a fair-pay act and Wall Street reform, Schumer said voters are frustrated and don’t feel the effects of the legislation.

“It’s the world we’re in. It’s a much more negative, critical world, and people are sour now,” he said. “The thing they’re most sour about is the future, not the present. In other words, if people were sure that things would be better five years from now, they’d be less sour.

“Given that, I think people are more negative right now across the board — the right wing is more negative, the left wing is more negative, the center is more negative. That’s how it is.”

Holy Cow, that’s the solution, “OK People, Don’t Make Any Negative Waves.” Somebody call the President, maybe we can have everyone in the country wear smile buttons, according to Senator Schumer that will make everything wonderful again!

Jobs and an improving economy are a major campaign issue for the Democrats. The White House has joined in on the effort, emphasizing a “recovery summer” agenda designed to reassure voters about the economy.

Its not recovery summer it’s recovery bummer. All the financial reports seem the show that the economy his going to hell in a hand-basket, first time unemployment claims are unexpectedly high, foreclosures are up, economic growth is slowing down again, not very reassuring.
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Part of the Democrats’ problem, Schumer acknowledged, is that many voters haven’t paid close enough attention to the 111th Congress to be familiar with the beneficial legislation Democrats have pushed through.

Asked if that means the party has done a poor job of messaging, Schumer disagreed.

“People think all of these things are good, but are they making my life better? And the two most major things we’ve done haven’t had much of an effect yet because when you do major, major legislation, it doesn’t take effect the next day,” he said.

Haven’t paid close attention? Schumer has no confidence in his constituents. He forgets that many of the bills passing congress were read by the voters…but not read by the people who voted on the bill.

Chuck Schumer is the picture of arrogance, an arrogance the will convince voters to remove his party from the seat of power.