I have been sitting on this for a day now, trying to figure out a nice way to say this but I can’t find one. Chuck Schumer is an embarrassment. I am embarrassed that he is my senator, I am embarrassed that he is a public American Figure, I am embarrassed that he is a public Jewish figure…every time I see him on TV and he starts to open his mouth I cringe. The man does not care about the United States he is 100% partisan. If Elijah the Prophet showed up to announce the coming of the Moshiach today (Please God) Schumer would ask Elijah if he was a democrat or a Republican.

His comments about our troops and the Surge the day before yesterday were totally over the line.

The violence in Anbar has gone down despite the surge, not because of the surge. The inability of American soldiers to protect these tribes from al Qaeda said to these tribes, we have to fight al Qaeda ourselves

The inability of our soldiers? How DARE he put down the people who have left the safety of their families to risk their lives to save HIS ASS. Come on Chuckey Boy why don’t you put on a ton of gear in 135 degree weather and lets see how you do? Bringing the locals on board was a BRILLIANT strategy. Thats how wars are one. Are you saying that using the French Resistance in WWII was despite our Army?

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Joe Leiberman put it even better:

as we say in the Senate, with all respect to my colleague from New York, I just, I couldn’t disagree with him more. In some senses, it’s an insult to the American troops. And look, beyond that, because the American troops don’t insult easily, this is just factually wrong. I mean, what’s happened in Anbar is unbelievable. I was there in early June, I had been there six months before, and you know, John McCain and I were there together. We wanted to go into Ramadi, and they wouldn’t let us go in, because it was unsafe. This time, I went in, walked around to the markets, stopped and got some ice cream with a bunch of kids. I mean, it was, thank God, very different. And the reason that happened is one, in my opinion, the surge, because the increase in Marines in Anbar Province said to the Iraqis, most of whom are Sunni in that province, okay, the Americans are not turning tail and leaving. Second, they saw what al Qaeda was doing. They saw that these people are fanatics and killers and their enemy, and they decided if the Americans are willing to stay here and help us a little bit, they’re really much more on our side than al Qaeda is. And of course, they’re right. So it was, it was in fact the bravery of the American troops which encouraged the Sunnis to begin to take, the tribes to take on al Qaeda. And the story is really the most encouraging thing that’s happened in Iraq in a long time, and not in spite of our troops, but in fact because of them. Source Town Hall

2011 is a long time from now but I hope the national Republican Party is grooming a heavyweight to run against him..this guy’s gotta go

The long knives

September 7, 2007
There’s barely more than a week to go before Army Gen. David Petraeus arrives in Washington with his eagerly awaited assessment of progress in Iraq, and the Democrats are making their own war strategy abundantly clear. Gen. Petraeus must be portrayed as a White House stooge and the men and women risking their lives to defeat jihadists in Iraq but his innocent lackeys. The propagandists mean to demoralize the troops by declaring their efforts doomed to failure, and even if they don’t fail their substantial military successes don’t amount to much.

The most disgraceful player so far is Sen. Charles Schumer of New York, chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, who in speech ridiculed as “desperate” the successful strategy implemented by Gen. Petraeus, which has dramatically reduced violence in Anbar province and saved both American and Iraqi lives. The alliance between the U.S. military and Sunni tribesmen has encouraged the Sunnis to stand against al Qaeda. “Are we placing our faith in the future of Iraq in the hands of some warlords?” asked Mr. Schumer with a sour verbal sneer. “Some tribal leaders who at the moment dislike al Qaeda more than they dislike us? Is this the vaunted clarion cry for democracy in the Middle East that the President announced when he started the build-up in Iraq?… This is a policy of desperation.”

Only a poisonous partisan — or someone ignorant of history and geopolitical reality — could say something like that. Using the Schumer standard, FDR and Churchill were wrong to form an alliance with Soviet dictator Josef Stalin because he was an evil man who didn’t share our regard for “democracy.” The World War II leaders of the West rightly judged that Hitler and the Axis powers posed a greater threat to U.S. interests than Stalin at the time — hence the decision to ally the United States and Britain with the Soviet Communists. No one now pretends that Sunni tribesmen have very much in common with Thomas Jefferson or James Madison. But only fools would take Mr. Schumer’s advice to give the back of the hand to the Arab Muslims who are willing to join the fight against our mortal enemy.

Mr. Schumer’s remarks are but step one in the latest Democratic initiative to “support the troops.” S.A. Miller of The Washington Times reported yesterday that Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin and House Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee boss Chris Van Hollen seek to discredit Gen. Petraeus’ findings before he reports them, depicting him as a White House mouthpiece who can’t be trusted. Many prominent Democrats are heavily invested in an American defeat in Iraq, and Gen. Petraeus stands in their way. The debate is about to get ugly.