WOW !!! Folks you may have to sit down for this. In today’s Chicago Tribune, Russel Working says that Barack Obama is NOT the Messiah. Is that allowed, is a writer for the Mainstream Media ALLOWED to say that the “Chosen One” is not the “Chosen One?” Will Mr. Working be forced to turn in his Liberal Media card? Or will he just be thrown in Jail? Read his article below:

Obama: Was he sent to save us? Well, no. But jokes abound as some fans see him as Messiah —Russell Working December 1, 2008Some people believe Barack Obama is a near-messianic figure anointed by God. Others think they need a reality check.

As the excesses of Obamamania have spread, so have Web-based lampoons by his critics, or “heretics and unbelievers,” as they are labeled on the blog “Is Barack Obama the Messiah?” (, which has chronicled the hosannas.

The most acerbic critics have been conservatives, but Obamamania also has troubled some who voted for the Illinois senator, among them Slate magazine’s Timothy Noah.

Early last year, noting a “gushy” tone to media profiles of the candidate, Noah began his Obama Messiah Watch—a tongue-in-cheek “periodic inquiry into whether Barack Obama is the son of God.”

If that seems overstated, consider the Washington Post/Newsweek religion blog that asked, “Is Obama the Messiah? People are asking these days and it’s not so hard to understand why: the desperate throngs, the tears, the great awakening of a slumbering demographic.”

Or Time magazine’s cover story about the election, which began, “Some princes are born in palaces. Some are born in mangers. But a few are born in the imagination, out of scraps of history and hope.”

Following Slate’s lead, the conservative Weekly Standard magazine began running a feature “poking fun at the flurry of rhetoric” surrounding Obama.

Said associate editor Matthew Continetti: “The higher your expectations, the greater your disappointment when Obama doesn’t live up to them. So I think a lot of people are in for a hard fall.