Charlotte, N.C. is one of my favorite cities in the US there is so much to do and see, especially the great amusement part called the Carrowwinds. But now thanks to Samir Khan, Charlotte can be famous for something different. Khan’s website site “raises the threshold for what it means to be a good, pro-Al Qaeda Web site” and is “the best in English.” The site tries to recruit terrorists for al-Qaeda, and advocates the killing of Americans. He operates the site out of his parents house, I am sure they are very proud. The scary part is…I AM sure they are. More on the story below

Muslim Extremist’s Web Site Stirs Mixed Emotions in Charlotte, N.C.

Friday , June 06, 2008 By Cristina Corbin — In a quiet, upscale neighborhood in Charlotte, N.C., rows of custom-style homes and neatly landscaped lawns represent the American dream. But one local resident has shattered that image, calling for the death of American troops in Iraq and supporting Al Qaeda through his Web site, which he reportedly runs from his parents’ home. Samir Khan is the man behind — a radical Islamic site that praises Usama bin Laden and asks for Allah to “curse more American soldiers.” The site posts videos of U.S. Humvees being blown up by roadside bombs in Iraq. It aims to inspire young Muslims to wage war against the West. Terrorism experts say the Web site, written in English, is one of the premiere sites for Western audiences to get access to radical Islamist propaganda. Khan, 22, declined requests for an interview, even when approached outside his home with cameras rolling. When asked if the messages on his site represent Islam, Khan would say only that “they represent Muslims.” In an e-mail sent to FOX News, Khan lashed out at the “arrogance” of the media, saying it should focus instead on converting to Islam. “When you go down in to the earth six feet deep, nothing will matter except what Religion you died upon,” he wrote. Following a report last month profiling his Web site, Khan railed against “the Kuffaar” — non-believers — who wrote the article and affirmed his belief that jihad is “an Islaamic obligation” rooted in Muslim texts. Words like those stir mixed emotions in Charlotte, among the general public and among the 8,000 Muslims who live there. Imam Khalil Akbar, a religious leader in Charlotte, condemned Khan’s site, saying its views do not reflect “mainstream Islamic thinking” and do not represent the Muslim community at large. “I would reject categorically those kinds of encouragements to look up to people like bin Laden,” Akbar said. Neighbors described Khan — who immigrated to the U.S. from Saudi Arabia when he was 7 years old — as “friendly” and “reserved.” They said he launched his Web site while taking classes at Central Piedmont Community College and selling Cutco knives. Abdullah Mahmud, an acquaintance of Khan’s who attends the same mosque, the Islamic Center of Greater Charlotte, defended Khan’s viewpoints, saying his anger stems from the United States’ foreign policy and occupation of Iraq. Mahmoud said the blood-drenched videos Khan shows of U.S. soldiers injured in combat “serve the purpose of making the reality of the Iraqi scene visible to people.” “Those videos are not much different than videos involving American soldiers targeting Iraqi civilians,” he said. “You have to look at both sides here.” One of Khan’s neighbors, Ron Williams, also defended Khan’s right to free speech. “Our actions (in Iraq) were interpreted broadly in the Muslim world as an attack on Islam,” Williams said, “I defend his right to speak out.” But Jarret Brachman, director of research at West Point’s Center for Combatting Terrorism, said Khan’s call for violence takes his anti-American views one step further. “To be unhappy with U.S. foreign policy is one thing, but to advocate violence by promoting Al Qaeda is another,” he said. “This is the most sophisticated and aggressive Web site in English that really puts out bin Laden’s ideology and the message that’s promoted by Al Qaeda,” he added. Brachman said Khan’s site “raises the threshold for what it means to be a good, pro-Al Qaeda Web site” and is “the best in English.” A graphic prominently displayed on the site shows a picture of Abu Yahya al-Libi, a prominent Al Qaeda spokesman whom Brachman calls “Bin Laden 2.0.” “He’s the guy poised to take over the movement after bin Laden fades away,” Brachman said. “The fact that Khan would display him like he does means he’s trying not only to show he’s an insider, but also to model himself after him.” The exact dangers his site poses are difficult to assess, experts said. “It doesn’t necessarily move someone to action immediately, but it primes the pump,” Brachman said. “It gets somebody motivated to think more about Al Qaeda and so over the long term this is a very threatening message that he’s promoting.”

Below is a little snippet from this hate site:Here we come O Sister! (Statement concerning the Moroccan sister who was beaten with her little son in front of the prison) Praise is to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds and the Final Victory is for the Fearful, and there is no aggression except upon the transgressors, and peace and blessings on our Prophet, Muhammad and his family and pure and righteous companions. To proceed, Allah the Almighty says, “42.Consider not that Allah is unaware of that which the Zalimoon (polytheists, wrongdoers) do, but He gives them respite up to a Day when the eyes will stare in horror.” (Surah Ibraheem, Verse 42) Brothers and sisters in Islam all over the world From what hurts us severely is to see the forces of Shackles and Frightening organizations in Morocco continue their sadistic works against our brothers and sisters in this country that is afflicted with its throne and rule and administration, when our people in it, for once, thought that their condition in it had improved a little from the crimes of the doomed Jewish puppet- Hasan- II (May Allah do with him what he deserves) The previous scenes that we saw published by some of the Jihadi websites on the Internet and which show a scamp apostate trampling on a pure sister with her baby with his shoes … These heinous scenes did not happen in Guantanamo Bay or Abu Ghuraib prison or even in the Israeli prisons… in stead they happened in a Muslim land, and an elevated Islamic land, from which once upon a time, the champion of the West, Tariq Bin Ziyad, had launched, to conquer Andalus and spread Islam in Europe O Allah… a husband and wife separated, the way a soul is separated from its body
Trampled by the feet of an apostate, no manners shame him and the eyes weep and the heart grieves
For such does the heart melt from sadness if there is in the heart Islam or faith Brothers and sisters in Islam and faith, in our violated land of Morocco It is the same tragedy that’s repeating itself even if the pictures are different, and the crimes are continuing even if its faces and colors have changed, in Sala and Akasha and Sarkaji and Al Haraash and the prisons of Mauritania and Tunis and Libya and others… And these scenes, for which the heart tears, are nothing but an example of what our brothers in this beloved spot are facing of suppression and rabble through which its treacherous rulers are drawing close to the dominating Jewish community to their masters from the cross worshipers who are controlling the political direction of this wounded land And this picture that bleeds every living heart will remain and crumble every liver of goodness expressing the reality of the criminality of this administration and a best example of revealing the masks off the faces and its symbols And we in front of this painful accident assure to our Ummah generally and to the people of our beloved Morocco especially – We will thrive with every precious and cheap to protect the violated honors of our sisters… and we will avenge sooner or later by the will of Allah from every cheap scoundrel whose hands reached out to any pure and free Muslim woman – As for our Sheikhs and lion brothers from the captives in the prisons of Morocco, then we say to them- have patience O brothers of Tawheed… for truly you are the free ones in those chains… and you are the free ones in the world of slaves… and behind you are brothers who do not sleep on humiliation and have not forgotten you and will never forget you – And to the people of the Muslim Morocco we say- who respond for our pious and pure sister and her baby? Is there are Motasim who would reply to her cry? O youth of Islam in Morocco, we call you to carry weapons and prepare the steeds of war and to put your hands in the hands of the Mujahideen to purify our Morocco from the puppets of Jews and Christians who are snatching in our meat and are spilling our blood And who of you is unable to reach the pits of Jihad and prepare then let him not take anyone’s permission in targeting the Jews and Christians and the apostates in our areas for they are the cause of our pain and tragedy, and let every hand that stretches out to our pure sisters be cut, for we are from an Ummah that sacrifices heads and selves for the honors – As for the pontiffs and claimers to mastery who kept dead silent before this crime that took place against our sister, we say- do you not fear that Allah would make the earth swallow you? When will you stop aiding the Jews and the Americans and the French and the Denmark and have time to help the oppressed from your people? And a last word to the honorable and free from the Moroccans- it is an obligation upon you to find out the violations and move with whatever power you have before its too late to change the evil and to retrieve rights and to stop the evil for which the foreheads bleed, for it has been related of Abu Bakr- May Allah be pleased with him, he said- you read this verse “105 – O ye who believe! guard your own souls: if ye follow (right) guidance, no hurt can come to you from those who stray” and I heard the Prophet peace be upon him say “When people see an oppressor and do not take (stop) him by the hand, Allah would be at the verge of sending punishment upon them” Allah the Almighty has said “75.And what is wrong with you that you fight not in the Cause of Allah, and for those weak, ill-treated and oppressed among men, women, and children, whose cry is: “Our Lord! Rescue us from this town whose people are oppressors; and raise for us from You one who will protect, and raise for us from You one who will help.” ” “Surah An Nisa, Verse 75” O Allah guide your Mujahideen slaves to help your oppressed slaved, O Allah rock the thrones of the unbelievers and the apostates
O Allah, the revealer of the Book and the maintainer of the clouds and the defeater of the allies, defeat them and grant us victory over them
O Allah grant us in this world goodness and in the Hereafter goodness and save us from the torment of the Hell Fire
O Allah endorse in this Ummah the matter of reasoning that elevates in it the people of Your worship and disgraces in it the people of Your disobedience, and orders goodness and forbids evil
And the Final call of ours is, Praise is to Allah the Lord of the Worlds Abu Musab Abd Al Wadood
The Amir of Al Qaeda in Islamic West- Algeria The Media Committee of
Al Qaeda organization in the land of the Islamic West
Wednesday, 30 Jamadi Al Oola 1429
04/06/2008 Source: Al Fajr Media Publications