UPDATE: Two more Kassam rockets landed in Israel on Sunday morning, bringing the total number of rockets aimed at Israel since a cease-fire agreement with the Palestinian government went into effect earlier in the day to five.

According to the Jpost Israeli FM says Israel still supports the ceasefire. She also talked to them about her stomach issue; irregularity.

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni told Army Radio Sunday morning, after five Kassams were fired at Israel in breach of a cease-fire agreement with the Palestinian government, that Israel cannot allow for Kassams to be fired at its citizens, but that some irregularities were to be expected during these hours.

Maybe the irregularities the FM is talking about comes from the guilt of agreeing to cease fires with Hamas and Hezbollah without bringing the kidnapped soldiers home. Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal and Hamas spokesman Raza Hamed have both said that Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit is alive. Shalit was abducted by Hamas terrorists into Gaza five months ago and no international or Israeli elements have seen or heard from him

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Or maybe the sour tummy is a result of reading this Debka report DEBKAfile’s military sources report that Hamas is maneuvering for a chance to complete its takeover of the West Bank, overwhelm Fatah strongholds, seize control of the Palestinian Authority and complete its military and missile build-up at close quarters to the main cities of central Israel. Israel’s military intelligence-AMAN and the Shin Beit warn the prime minister to heed the underlying motives of Hamas politburo chief Khaled Meshaal in initiating the ceasefire during his talks with Egyptian intelligence minister Omar Suleiman. At his news conference Saturday, Nov. 25, Meshaal gave Israel an ultimatum: Pull back to the June 4, 1967 lines within six months for the international community to establish an independent Palestinian state – or else face a third intifada. Israeli intelligence chiefs calculate that six months is the period Hamas needs to wind up its preparations for waging another war. Since the deep Israel incursions into the Gaza Strip are upsetting these preparations, the hard-line, Damascus-based Hamas leader hit on the maneuver of ceasing missile fire as a device to get Israeli troops out of Hamas’ way in Gaza. That is just the start of the Hamas ploy: If Israel does not call off its highly effective terror-preventive operations on the West Bank and give way on other demands, Hamas will go back to shooting missiles from Gaza and hold Israel responsible.Arutz Sheva Reports that Olmert Also wants to stay the course

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert at the opening of Sunday’s weekly cabinet meeting stated, “While there are violations of the ceasefire by the other side, I have called for restraint to give the ceasefire a chance

Jpost echos Arutz

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert instructed the IDF on Sunday to show restraint despite repeated Palestinian violations of a cease-fire that came into effect earlier in the day. Olmert, speaking at an inauguration ceremony for a new high school in southern Israel, said he wanted to give the cease-fire a chance to succeed. Olmert “gave the security forces instructions to show restraint and to try and give the cease-fire the possibility to succeed,” said Miri Eisin, Olmert’s spokeswoman. “Israel is a strong country which can allow itself to have the strength to both fight and also to show restraint and to give the cease-fire a chance to be implemented,” Eisin quoted Olmert as sayin

A strong country with a weak leader!I truly feel bad for Tzipi and her stomach problems, but I feel worse for Israeli citizens who have to live with the ramifications of the appeasement of terrorists practiced by the Olmert government. Tzipi, along with her boss, Prime Minister Jello is giving us all a very sour stomach.

Ziggy the cat

Got into a container in Israel, then was transported from Haifa to Liverpool. He shot out of the container when it was opened at its final destination at a warehouse in Lancashire.

A lady from the RSPCA said that if the cat was micro-chiped, the owner would be found fairly quickly. Unfortunately, cats in Israel don’t tend to be tagged in this way. However, I’m certain that with all the publicity, Ziggy will be seeing Eretz Yisroel once again.

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