Yesterday 60 Minutes Covered the Genocide going on in the Darfur region of the Sudan. They did a terrific job of showing the horrors going on in Darfur, the rapes and murder, but they chickened out when it came to discussing who was perpetrating the violence. They used the term “Arab racism.” The words Islam and/or Muslim were never mentioned even though the conflict has its roots in Islamic doctrine and the northern Muslim/ southern non-Muslim divide. Hell, the Sudan isn’t even an Arab nation!

Then to make matter’s worse, they found a way to blame the who damned thing on President Bush!?!!?? Maybe they are just trying to prove that they don’t miss Dan Rather:

60 Minutes Fails to Mention Islam’s Central Role in Darfur Genocide
by Andrew Stunich 21 Jul, 2008 Most people have heard Sudan periodically mentioned in the news over the last several years. Many will remember that Osama bin Laden (OBL) made Sudan his base of operations before he relocated to Afghanistan. Sudan was chosen by OBL because it has an Islamic oriented government with whom he had a friendly relationship until he became too much of a liability. That OBL and the Sudanese Government had much in common for several years speaks volumes about the nature of at least northern Sudan. But Sudan is front page news in the twenty-first century for other reasons far beyond Sudan’s ties to Islamic terrorism. The Sudanese Government and Sudanese Arab militias have been waging a long-term Jihad against the non-Muslim, non-Arab southern Sudanese population for decades. It is a classic Islamic Jihad of the type that has resulted in the slaughter of millions of people over the centuries. The Sudanese Jihad, which most reporters only refer to as “genocide,” has killed an estimated two-million people and rendered countless other people refugees. It is undisputed that the Sudanese Jihadists have engaged in mass slaughter, gang rape and other terrible atrocities. 60 Minutes reports, for example, that the men in destroyed villages are killed, cut to pieces, and thrown into the water supply in order to contaminate it. One village after another has been completely destroyed by the same combination of terror, slaughter, and expulsion so effectively used by Muhammad to gain mastery of the Arabian Peninsula in the seventh century. The Sudanese Muslims appear to be following Muhammad’s example just as the Qur’an commands. The Sudanese Jihad is being carried out in an age of communication ease and technological wonder that should make the reporting of the complete story, despite its remote location, quite feasible. But that is not happening. It is not happening because telling the world that a modern Jihad has been ongoing for years which has resulted in mass slaughter, rape and genocide does not fit the world view of the mainstream media. The sad and disturbing reality that the media and academia are going to whitewash yet another Islam inspired atrocity struck me as I watched 60 Minutes air its July 20, 2008 story about the Darfur region of Sudan. I had eagerly awaited the segment, but had a nagging fear that it might be less than forthright about the relationship of the conflict to clear Islamic doctrine. (Please see my essays entitled “Islam Is It a Religion of Peace,” “Internal Culture War and Self-hatred in the West Allow Islamic Inroads” and “Islam’s Victims Deserve Better Than False Preaching ‘Islam is a Religion of Peace'”) My fears were more than well justified. While I had expected some mention of Islam as a contributing factor, I assumed that 60 Minutes would make the usual false claim that the Jihadists had simply “hijacked a peaceful religion.” However, 60 Minutes exceeded my expectations. Its story about Darfur was nothing less than an Orwellian cleansing of any relationship between Islam and the atrocities that was so thorough that even I was surprised and I have come to expect less than accurate news reporting by the news media. I was disturbed as I listened to the 60 Minutes story unfold. The cause of the conflict was attributed to genocide resulting from “Arab racism.” The words Islam and Muslim(s) were never mentioned even though the conflict patently has its genesis in Islamic doctrine and the northern Muslim southern non-Muslim divide.
The overwhelming majority of people in northern Sudan, which includes the capital city of Khartoum, are Arab Muslims, but they are Arab in the sense that they speak Arabic, at least a unique form of it, and no doubt have some mixed Arab ancestors even though appearance-wise they often look quite similar to the southern Sudanese. Conversely, the southern Sudanese are non-Muslim, non-Arabs who mainly practice Christianity or Animism. The CIA World Factbook lists the population breakdown as follows: “Sunni Muslim 70% (in north), Christian 5% (mostly in south and Khartoum), indigenous beliefs 25%.” The 60 Minutes story did do a good job of describing the horrific reality of the “genocide” albeit stripped of its connection to Islam. A fitting analogy was made between “Nazi death camps” and the “death villages” in southern Sudan. 60 Minutes aired footage of destroyed villages and starving children. The story also acknowledged that the southern Sudanese are targets because “they are not Arabs.” That is true enough, but the story does not explain that the significance of not being Arab is that they are not Muslim which I found quite hypocritical given that the mainstream media and academia generally like to praise Islam as having allegedly eliminated racism. 60 Minutes also placed some blame on Sudan’s Muslim dictator al-Bashir, but never mentioned that he is also a Muslim. 60 Minutes managed to implausibly place some blame on the Bush Administration suggesting that it is soft on Sudan because it wants help with intelligence on OBL. 60 Minutes claims that our (U.S.) relationship with Sudan is “complicated” because of the prior OBL connection to Sudan. It amazes me that Islam evaded responsibility for its clear relationship to the genocide in Darfur while 60 Minutes took a cheap shot at the Bush Administration. It is also frightening. It makes me fear that those of us that have realized just how deadly of a religion Islam is will never be able to educate the vast majority of people that have been deceived as to the true nature of Islam. If the news media can whitewash Islam’s involvement in a long-term genocide that is occurring in a country whose national anthem begins with the words “[w]e are the army of God . . .” and wherein the Muslim Jihadists yell “Allah Akbar” as they attack, slaughter and rape non-Muslims, then it can get away with convincing the masses of anything. With so many victims of Islam around the World, it is cruel to let anyone get away with doing what 60 minutes has done. A false public perception of Islam guarantees that Islam will create new victims into perpetuity. It is also important that we all know the truth so that we can properly exercise our democratic rights. It is ultimately the will of the majority (at least the majority of those who vote) that determines the long-term direction of a democratic society and if we are misinformed our votes will be equally misinformed and misguided. The connection of Islam to the atrocities committed in Sudan needs to be further addressed and I encourage all of you to research and write further on this subject. Innocent people are suffering and the best chance of ending their suffering is for us to take the initial step of educating the world as to why the atrocities are occurring