Last night the FBI released a redacted version of the FISA application that started it all, the warrant to spy on Carter page.  The full document is 412 pages and embedded below.  Although I have only read about half the document so far, there is much to learn.  Much of what I have seen raises questions about the FBI,  the people in the DOJ who approved the warrant, and the Judges who approved the warrant Therefore rather than keep you all waiting for me to read part two, it’s important to share what’s been learned so far.

  • Someone in the DOJ must own stock in a company that makes thick black markers. This 400-page document has more redacted than readable text. Pages and pages of the document are filled with thick black lines. Can you imagine how many markers that took? The sad part is, if these are like redactions on earlier documents that were eventually revealed, most of the blacked-out lines were done so to protect the FBI and DOJ from embarrassment and has nothing to do with protecting sources and methods.

Carter Page

  • With some tiny exceptions, Christoper Steele (Source #1) the man who compiled the “Dossier” Is the only source I could find in the document.  Even when the document mention news articles they contain information leaked by Steele (see pages 22 & 23). Even when they use a Yahoo article in their application, the article’s source called “Western intelligence source” is actually Steele.


  • To look like they had more than one source, the application uses a letter from “Senate Minority Leader” [Harry Reid] as additional “evidence” to spy page. Reid got the information in his letter from John Brennan who got it from the dossier. When I was taking “basic” programming language in college, the professor called that an uncontrollable loop


  • The FBI warrant contends that Carter Page met with Russian Igor Sechin, a very close ally of Putin, and Igor Nikolayevich Divyekin who supposedly offered dirt on Hillary. Page vehemently denies this. The FBI’s only source for this is Steele. Important Note: I have been informed people in Russia with three names (Igor Nikolayevich Divyek) are not like people with three names in America. They do not tend to be assassins like John Wilkes Booth or Lee Harvey Oswald for example, nor do they tend to be serial killers  like John Wayne Gacy or Wade Michael Page for example.


  • The warrant mentions that Carter Page lived in Moscow, from 2004-2007 working in the energy business (and I didn’t even get a lousy t-shirt).


  • The FBI lied in the application, they say on page 53 it says that the information in the application has been reviewed an verified, but the Steele Dossier was NEVER verified.

  • The FBI took the time to mention (P. 16) that a law firm hired Steele (Source #1) to get information on Trump (Candidate #1) and Russia but didn’t mention that the law firm was paid by the Clinton campaign and the DNC, making it more obvious they were trying to fool the FISA court.

  • The application claims the FBI was targeting Carter Page because they believe he was collaborating and conspiring with the Russians. (P.32) But it’s two years later and Carter Page has not been arrested. Therefore, it seems the very reason for this FISA application was bogus.


  • James Clapper (the DNI)  told the FBI that the Russians have been playing around with our elections since the 1960s. If they knew it’s been happening for 50 years why has nothing been done about it until Trump was elected?


  • In the third renewal application (P 108), prepared during the transition period and before inauguration day, the FBI revealed it fired Steele because he leaked the dossier to the press. Apparently, he leaked the dossier to the press because he was upset with the October 2016 FBI reopening of the investigation into Hillary’s emails (Hillary is Candidate #2). This indicates that Steele was trying to help Hillary win. ButFBI tells the judge they still trusted Steele’s information even though he had an obvious bias. They had to stay that because Steele was their only source.

The entire document follows below.


Released to Public Fisa App by Jeffrey Dunetz on Scribd