You got to give Jimmy Carter some credit, he may have been the worst president in American History but almost 30 years after since he left the Presidency he is still diligently working to screw up the world. He can no longer screw-up Zimbabwe or Iran, those deeds have been done. So the Village Idiot of ex-Presidents has been doing his best to go after Israel. After all, in his warped mind it is the American Jewish Community in combination with Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin that is responsible for loosing his bid for reelection.

When last we saw Carter he was fresh off his anti-Semitic Book where he called Israel an apartheid state and he blamed American Jews for controlling foreign policy. The ex-Pres went to Gaza to show his new Tatoo to Hamas. He came out of Gaza with the message that Hamas wanted to make peace. Well that was until Hamas said, Jimmy that’s not what we said.

Now Carter has decided to put pen to paper once again with a new book, which he says lays out his plan for peace in the Middle East. The word is he affectionately calls it his Final Solution:

Carter Pens New Book on Resolving the Middle East Conflict

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By Nathan Guttman
Fri. Dec 05, 2008 — Former president Jimmy Carter is back with new advice for resolving the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. The former president is scheduled to publish a new book on the issue — slated for release on January 20, coinciding with the inauguration of Barack Obama. The title for Carter’s new book, “We Can Have Peace in the Holy Land: A Plan That Will Work,” seemingly suggests a more optimistic tone than that of his previous book, “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid.” “I was going to call it, ‘Yes, We Can.’ My wife talked me out of it,” Carter said in jest, during a December 3 discussion in Atlanta. The book will be published by Simon & Schuster. Carter’s previous book drew harsh criticism from the Jewish community and pro-Israel activists who argued it was tainted with anti-Israel bias and has singled out the Jewish state while ignoring the role of other Middle East players in the conflict. The book deepened the already existing rift between the Jewish community and the 39th president. No details were provided on the content of Carter’s new book, but based on recent remarks by the author, it is clear that his approach toward the Israeli–Palestinian conflict has not changed. According to an Associated Press report, the former president pointed, in the December 3 discussion, to the “persecution of Palestinians” and lack of American active involvement in the Middle East as the main sources for instability in the Muslim world.