Carson King, the football fan whose sign begging for beer money went viral, was stunned that he ended up with nearly one million dollars to donate to charity.

ISU football fan Carson King ended up on ESPN’s College GameDay with an amusing sign about his need for some beer money.

King’s sign read, “Bush Light Supply Needs Replenished,” and then featured King’s Venmo name.

The ESPN cameras caught King’s sign, and soon enough, it caught the eye of the Internet, too.

King soon found that people all across the nation decided to help out.

Thousands of people heard King’s call and donated to the beer fund. So many donated that King soon realized that he simply could not keep it all.

So, he decided that he would donate the cash to the University of Iowa’s Children’s Hospital.

His phone immediately blew up with notifications from Venmo, King told CNN. Within 30 minutes, the 24-year-old had raised $400.

I didn’t think I would make anything, it all started as a joke,” he said.

After speaking with his family, he decided that, minus the cost of one case of Busch Light, he’d give the rest of the money to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital.

As word spread of his plans to donate the money, more people decided to contribute. Busch Beer and Venmo even caught wind of his plans, and raised the stakes by pledging to match his contribution.


Busch Beer also decided to jump in after King announced his charitable contribution.

Even donation platform Venmo pledged to match the donation:

By Sunday morning, the contributions — including Busch Beer and Venmo’s matches — had reached $1 million, and were continuing to rise.

Busch Beer had one more surprise for the generous college student: Beer for life!

Carson King was on Fox and Friends Saturday when the haul was only $800K and admitted that this mom wasn’t exactly enamored with her son’s stunt.

“My mom heard the idea, and she’s like, ‘Oh my gosh, my son’s going to be on national television asking for beer money,’ you know, proud mom moment,” he joked.

Watch the video below: