Interesting day on the Gaza Diplomatic Front. Both Egypt and PA President Abbas blasted Israel for their “disproportionate response” but in a major change of pace, both blamed Hamas for the fact that there was the need for an Israeli attack. They blasted Hamas for not sticking to the cease fire.
Canada also blamed Hamas for the escalation in the in the Gaza Strip, “The fact that Hamas is continuously targeting the civil population in Israel is the cause of these unfortunate events,” said Canadian Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon.
Hell even some BRITISH Newspapers blamed Hamas, this for example came from the Guardian:

What those militants sowed over the last few years, in the shape of thousands of rockets and mortars fired over the border at Israeli civilians, they reaped yesterday as the might of the Israeli air force came crashing down on Gaza. For all that I regularly sound off about almost every facet of the Israeli occupation and the government’s policies towards the Palestinians, I struggle to see what option Israel’s leaders had, other than to take the kind of action that they took this weekend.

Today the Bush administration called on Hamas halt rocket attacks on Israel and restore the cease-fire that expired on Dec. 19. “These people are nothing but thugs,” Gordon Johndroe, White House spokesman, said yesterday in comments to reporters in Crawford, Texas, where President George W. Bush is vacationing at his ranch. “Israel is going to defend itself against people like Hamas.

One voice remained silent, President-elect Obama.

He did send his Kappo, David Axelrod out to say a few words. Axelrod, who sold out his Jewish background for political power, gave a tepid:

Israel and the United State have a “special relationship”, that he called “an important bond”. Axelrod added that Obama “plans to work closely with Israel. They are great allies of ours and the most important allies in the region.

“This is the basic principle of his plan, but he will carry it out in a way that will promote peace and he will work on it together with the Israelis and the Palestinians.”

And of course Axelrod said, “There is only one ruling president.”

Funny, since he won the election six weeks ago, the President-elect has spoken out on other issues the Auto Bailout for example. But he has ONLY spoken out when he has agreed with the position that President Bush has taken. Folks wake up and smell the potato latkes, the reason Axelrod is using the”There is only one ruling president”excuse, is that Barack Hussein Obama, DOES NOT AGREE THAT THIS CONFLICT IS HAMAS’ DOING. If he did he would say as much.

Obama will be President in three short weeks. And for supporters of the Jewish State, I can only offer you the words of Bette Davis, “Fasten your seatbelts, its going to be a bumpy flight”