This is very disappointing but I can’t protect him any more. California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a Girly-Man. Yes the man who was  the Terminator three times. who killed as the Commando and who beat down the predator way before the Alien, is a big bad pansy.

Last year the former action hero pushed for more oil drilling off California’s coastline. Today he pushed the other way.

California’s Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has withdrawn his support for a plan to expand oil exploration off the state’s coast.

 For two years, the  governor has been pushing the T-Ridge Project to help solve the budget deficit: more than $100 million this year, nearly $2 billion over 14 years.

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He said the spill in the Gulf of Mexico had changed his mind about the safety of oil platforms in the Pacific Ocean.

Last year he pushed for more oil drilling off California’s coastline.

But he said after seeing television pictures of the Gulf of Mexico spill he asked himself: “Why would we want to take that kind of risk?” 

Gee with that kind of logic, with one car crash, California should ban the sale of automobiles.

Now he says he would rather find another way to make up the money.

California was not part of President Barack Obama’s recent proposal to increase offshore exploration.

And Governor Schwarzenegger’s change of heart almost ensures no new drilling will be allowed in the state’s waters.

PXP in 2008 reached agreement with some Santa Barbara environmentalists to drill in California waters at Tranquillon Ridge in exchange for agreeing to shut off other platforms after nine years and the Tranquillon Ridge platform after 14 years. PXP also agreed to donate land and money toward environmental efforts.

Linda Krop, chief counsel of Environmental Defense Center, which negotiated the agreement, said her group was “mystified” by the governor’s reversal. She said the deal would have prevented oil spills by removing existing platforms from federal waters.

 Its very sad to see, this once proud unflappable action hero turned into a pile of jello as the result of one oil disaster.