The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), “child” of the Muslim Brotherhood, fundraiser of Hamas, and un-indicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Terror trial has been all over bashing Israel for the Gaza War. Blasting the Jewish state for a supposed disproportionate response, and have claimed that the United States just doesn’t care about the Children of Gaza. Now that’s CHUTZPAH. Maybe this group of terrorist fundraisers could convince their Muslim Brotherhood cousins that the BEST way to help children in Gaza for Hamas to STOP USING KIDS AS HUMAN SHIELDS. Maybe CAIR could even raise money to help the kids of Gaza instead of buying rockets and mortars.

The worst part of it all, CAIR, this terrorism aligned hate group is a darling of the both the media and United States Government.

Last week CAIR Decided to host a little rally that shows their level of hatred:

CHICAGOANS TO MARCH AGAINST ISRAELI MASSACRES: Press Conference at Daly Plaza and Rally in front of Israeli Consulate
(CHICAGO, IL, 1/09/09) – The Chicago chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is co-sponsoring a mass protest along with a coalition of over 30 organizations. The rally will begin with a press conference at Daly Plaza where leaders from diverse communities will call on public officials to help stop Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip, restore the cease-fire, end U.S. military aid to Israel, and initiate peace negotiations in the Middle East during the coming year.

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CAIR said in a statement this week, “This unimaginable carnage is being carried out with the political and monetary support of our own government. Elected officials must stand up for justice and demand an end to Israeli war crimes.”

A sign bearing the messages “JEWS ARE THE TERRORIST” and “MOSSAD DID 9-11.”

A banner with the logo of Hizbullah, the Lebanese Islamist group on the U.S. government’s terrorism list.

Two identical green flags with the Hamas logo, namely the Islamic shihada in Arabic, “There is no deity but God and Muhammad is his prophet.”

 A sign with four elements: the Israeli flag equated with a swastika, indicating that Israel is equal to Nazi Germany, “Down with Israel Down” within a Star of David, two actual shoes (a sign of disdain) stuffed each with an actual Israeli flag, all of this around the words “Down with the Israeli Zionist SAVAGES.”

A sign with the Israeli flag = swastika.

 A sign paralleling the previous one, only it equates Hamas with “Freedom Fighters.”

(Additional pictures can be found here and here):

Below, Daniel Pipes analysis the pictures and explains the Nature of their Hatred:

CAIR Co-Hosts an Antisemitic Rally in Chicago
by Daniel Pipes

When queried by the Chicago Tribune about these signs and flags, CAIR’s representative in Chicago, Ahmed Rehab, did acknowledge that the offensive ones should have been confiscated; but this did not happen and neither CAIR nor the other co-sponsors took steps to distance themselves from the street venom. To make matters worse, Rehad insouciantly added:

I think both the protesters who exaggerate the message out of emotion or to draw attention—as well as their critics who jump on it to score a “gotcha”— are distracting from the real and tragic humanitarian crisis at hand … As hundreds of innocent human lives are crushed in full view of the world by a belligerent Israeli government, I find it appalling that some on the pro-Israeli side are better concerned with cardboard paper.

Comments: (1) The war in Gaza has lead to many ugly street demonstrations around the world, including in the United States, often with antisemitic or genocidal themes. The one is Chicago was typical – except for its quasi-establishment quality.

(2) Making political arguments is legitimate (such as the signs in the demonstration stating “YES WE CAN – END US AID TO ISRAEL NOW”) but not these signs.

(3) In combination, the signs capture the essential Islamist anti-Zionist message of unrestrained language and imagery, political extremism, pro-terrorism, and Islamic supremacism.

(4) Normally, this sort of message is kept under wraps, especially by CAIR, which seeks to project itself as a civil-rights organization (in the words of Ibrahim Hooper) “similar to a Muslim NAACP.” Throughout its history, however, CAIR has occasionally revealed its true colors.

(5) Rehab’s airy dismissal of these rank signs is particularly astonishing from an organization that went into overdrive to protest the Danish cartoons. Why were those not just a matter of newsprint and ink?

(6) Amusingly, CAIR has announced its plan to welcome the inauguration of Barack Obama by joining with other American Muslim groups to release what it calls “peace doves.” More fitting would be to release Israeli flags being trampled by shoes. (January 19, 2009)