It looks as if the whiners at CAIR are wrong again. Not only are hate crimes against Muslims down they have plummeted from over 500 in 2001 to around 15o in 2006. So the almost daily CAIR screaming that there are brown shirts beating up Imam’s at Mosques JUST isn’t happening. So sorry CAIR folks you are just full of Crap!

Hyping Hate Crime Vs. Muslims By INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY | Posted Monday, December 03, 2007 4:20 PM PT Discrimination: New FBI data on hate crimes reveal Muslim groups are crying wolf about exploding anti-Muslim abuses. They’re actually shrinking, belying claims of mass IslamophobiaNot only are anti-Islamic hate crimes way down, but they’re a fraction of overall religious hate crimes. The overwhelming majority of such crimes target Jews, something CAIR and other Muslim groups don’t seem all that concerned about. In 2006, a whopping 66% of religiously motivated attacks were on Jews, while just 11% targeted Muslims, even though the Jewish and Muslim populations are similar in size. Catholics and Protestants, who together account for 9% of victims, are subject to almost as much abuse as Muslims in this country. Last year’s anti-Islamic hate crimes totaled 156. While just one hate crime is one too many, that’s a 68% drop from 2001. The FBI report gives lie to CAIR’s alarmist narrative of “Islamophobic” lynch mobs marching on mosques across America. In reality, Americans have been remarkably, and admirably, tolerant and respectful of Muslims and their institutions since 9/11. It’s plain that CAIR, which claims to be the “Muslim NAACP,” has been hyping tensions. Every year the pressure group releases a report citing thousands of alleged civil-rights and physical abuses against Muslims, which largely are based on anecdotal reporting from members. Despite CAIR’s obvious bias (and proven record of dissembling), the PC-addled media report its numbers unfiltered and without question. But if you peel them back, you find they’re mostly victimless crimes. For instance, in its 2006 report released in June, CAIR listed as a “hate crime” the following example: “A copy of the Quran was found in a toilet at the library of Pace University in New York.” There are other atrocities, too, such as someone trampling on a “flower bed” at a mosque in Texas. Even in the aftermath of 9/11, when Americans were still raw with anger over 19 Muslims killing almost 3,000 of our fellow citizens, there was virtually no vigilantism or violent backlash against Muslims. In November and December 2001, Zogby polled American Muslims and found that only 6% had suffered “physical abuse or assault.” These are all inconvenient facts for CAIR and its antiwar agenda. It can’t roll back the Patriot Act and key counterterror measures, such as mosque surveillance and passenger profiling, without ginning up sympathy in Washington for Muslims as a persecuted minority. Each time CAIR releases another overhyped hate crimes report, it argues that violence and harassment against Muslims have multiplied because of the U.S. war on terror. “Government acts” — including airport searches, detentions and interrogations — “send a green light to mistreat Muslims,” claimed CAIR executive director Nihad Awad. With its 2006 report, CAIR says it hopes “the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Justice and Congress will come to understand the full scope of anti-Muslim discrimination and rising Islamophobia in our nation today.” By crying wolf, CAIR shows it cares more about furthering its own political agenda than protecting ordinary Muslims. When real abuses occur, few Americans may pay attention. So CAIR is actually doing the Muslim community it claims to represent a disservice by hyping hate crimes. CAIR should spend more time condemning the real threat from Islamic terrorists, not American vigilantes.