Those jokers at the Terrorist funding group CAIR are at it again. Today it was CAIR executive director Nihad Awad leading the charge. Awad read a statement that called on the Bush administration to take concrete actions to restore the flow of humanitarian aid to the civilian population in the Gaza Strip and to help reinstate the cease-fire that an Israeli newspaper admits was “unilaterally violated” by Israel (see video below)

Unilaterally violated? Sure Mr Awad. ISRAEL’S ONLY VIOLATION WAS BEING ON THE RECEIVING END OF OVER 700 ROCKETS IN THE PAST WEEK. Did you read about it? It was in all the papers ! Nihad, if you keep talking crazy like this, the guys with the white coats are going to come take you away!

“We demand that our government take immediate steps to end the immoral and illegal Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip, which has already resulted in more than 300 deaths, including many women and children.

“We also demand that the Bush administration join with the international community in seeking to end the collective punishment imposed on the civilian population of Gaza by Israel’s ongoing blockade of humanitarian aid. We call for a resumption of the cease-fire that, according to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, was “unilaterally violated when [Israel] blew up a tunnel.”

Blew up a tunnel that Hamas was using to bring arms into Gaza. How do you feel about the rockets/mortars that Hamas have been sending into the Negev?

Now lets talk about collective punishment for a second. Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005, but instead of nation-building, Hamas seized control and has abused Gaza to build its terrorist capabilities and incite hatred and violence. Israel respected the June 19th agreement for six months of “calm,” even as Hamas strengthened its terrorist infrastructure and launched over 500 rocket/mortars during the agreement. Israel exhausted all diplomatic channels to renew the “calm,” but Hamas responded only with escalating terrorism.

As far as the Haaretz quote, Mazel tov, Mr Awad found Zvi Barel, probably the most pro-terrorst writer at Haaretz. Use him well because he is a rarity, even for Haartz. But here is my favorite delusional line:

“To deal with the core issue of peace with justice, the Palestinian people must be given some hope of freedom from Israeli occupation and domination and America must support a just and comprehensive resolution to the conflict that takes into account the rights and responsibilities of all parties.”

Let me repeat, Israel left GAZA in 2005, as a matter of fact, I was there the week before. And when they left, all the specialized greenhouses for the budding farming industry, were left standing, but Gazans tore them down. Nice going. Since Israel turned Gaza over the the Palestinians the ONLY product generated has been HATE.

But then HATE is Awad’s best product also.

In fact, Awad publicly declared “I am in support of the Hamas movement,” during a March 1994 symposium at Barry University.
That statement came six months after Awad attended a secret three-day summit in Philadelphia attended by Hamas members. During a 2003 deposition, Awad would not deny attending the meeting, saying he didn’t remember whether he did.
It wasn’t his only public endorsement of Hamas, which is governed by a charter rejecting “so-called peaceful solutions” and calls for the killing of Jews. During an appearance on CBS’ 60 Minutes in November 1994, Mike Wallace asked Awad what he thought “of the military undertakings of Hamas,” Awad responded, “the United Nations Charter grants people who are under occupation [the right] to defend themselves against illegal occupation.”
U.S. policy in the Middle East is faulty because of Jewish influence on the White House, he told Georgetown University students in a 1998 speech organized by the Muslim Students Association. Of President Bill Clinton’s advisors, he asked, “Now, of Clinton’s advisors, who is now, who of his advisors, who… who is opposing the latest agreement with Iraq? Look at their last names. Look at their ethnic, their ethnic or religious or racial background. You will see that these are the same groups that belong to the same interest groups in the Administration.” He later added that “many Presidents are servants to Israel, and it’s hard to see someone who is, uh, disobeying the political authority of Jewish interests.
At a Right of Return rally in front of the White House on September 16, 2000, Awad rejected coexistence between Israelis and Palestinians, stating, “they [Jews] have been saying ‘next year to Jerusalem,’ we say ‘next year to all Palestine. Source for the above IPT

It is the words of a hate monger that spoke in the video above, and CAIR continues to spew hate that makes it terrorist parents in the Muslim Brotherhood VERY proud.