Who Knew? Last weeks arrest of six Muslims planning an attack on Ft Dix had nothing to do with with the potential terrorist attack. They were arrested because the United States is anti-Muslim.

CAIR has asked the Press to make sure not to associate the arrest with the religion of the plotters, Islam.

Never mind the fact that the terrorists were caught because they were trying to make a DVD from a tape about Jihad, never mind the fact that one of the plotters was taped by the FBI as saying, “In the end, when it comes to defending your religion, when someone attacks your religion, your way of life, then you go jihad.” As Andrew Whitehead says below, there is no organization supporting Jihad more than CAIR, so this defense is most expected.

CAIR: Partners With the Jihadist “Fort Dix Six”? By Andrew Whitehead Anti-CAIR-Net.org | May 14, 2007 The recent arrest of the “Fort Dix Six” has shocked (shocked!) the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), North America’s premier defender of Islamist terrorism in North America. CAIR, the only Muslim organization in North America certified by Allah to determine just who is and who is not a “True Muslim”, is apparently upset that the Fort Dix Six, without permission from CAIR’s Saudi taskmasters, dared to invoke Islam as justification for the planned attack on Fort Dix. CAIR sent a statement to the press asking: “Media outlets and public officials refrain from linking (the Fort Dix) case to the faith of Islam.” One problem with CAIR’s request is that the suspected terrorists weren’t let in on CAIR’s game plan. Eljvir Duka, one of the six, was heard in an FBI recording saying: “In the end, when it comes to defending your religion, when someone attacks your religion, your way of life, then you go jihad.” “Jihad”? What faith is most closely related to this concept? Christians? Jews? Maybe the Buddhists? How about the Hindu’s? No? Could it be that CAIR is upset because, once again, Muslim terrorists have “gone Jihad” and violated CAIR’s copyright on the word? Of course, far be it to let FACTS get in the way of CAIR’s well Saudi-Oiled spin machine, which put out a carefully crafted response to the arrests: “…it seems clear that a potentially deadly attack has been averted …we applaud the FBI for its efforts and repeat the American Muslim community’s condemnation and repudiation of all those who would plan or carry out acts of terror while falsely claiming their actions have religious justification.” “FALSELY claiming their actions have religious justification?” While it comes as a surprise to CAIR, 99.9% of North Americans, including non-CAIR-approved Muslims, realize that “Islamic justification” is not only a fact, but that it is a deadly fact that has not only murdered in the past, but that does so on a daily basis … with the blessings of CAIR’s perverted version of “Allah”. CAIR’s noxious propaganda falls flat on its face with the Fort Dix Six. Investor’s Business Daily details some of the charges in the FBI affidavit: “It records the men saying they were willing to die killing infidels in the name of Allah. One asks who’ll take care of his family. Not to worry, another responds, “Allah will take care of your wife and kids.” They watched speeches by Osama bin Laden calling for jihad, videos of jihadi attacks, and videotaped messages from two of the 9/11 “martyrs”. The mother of one accused, Fatem Shnewer said her son, Mohamad Ibrahim Shnewer was targeted by the FBI, “because he’s religious.” CAIR, once again, is trying doubly hard to cover up a huge, glaring fact: when some Muslims, like the Fort Dix Six, feel as if their religion is “under attack” they turn to violence as a remedy. The larger question is why would some Muslims living in America – where the median income of Muslims is over $50,000 a year, where freedom of expression, the right to peacefully assemble, the right to religious freedoms is guaranteed to all citizens – want to kill fellow Americans? Just where did the Fort Dix Six get the idea that Islam in under attack in America? One possibility is CAIR. At every opportunity, since its inception, CAIR has set forth the imagery and perception that “Islam is under attack” in the United States of America. CAIR has gone after numerous radio talk show hosts for daring to speak frankly about Islamic terrorism. They even launched a campaign called “Hate Hurts America” to stop these radio hosts. CAIR’s effort was: “…based on the premise that the increasing attacks on Islam by talk-show hosts harm the United States by creating a downward spiral of interfaith mistrust and hostility.” When the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development was shut down for channeling funds to Hamas, CAIR asserted that freezing HLF assets could give the perception that: “…there has been a shift from a war on terrorism to an attack on Islam.” Anti-CAIR revealed in court documents that CAIR was consistently banging the drum of Muslim oppression, discrimination, and victimization by Islamophobic Americans and an oppressive government. By painting American Muslims and Islam as being “under attack” in America, CAIR was, and is, intentionally playing a dangerous game: The evidence will show that under Moslem law, “attacks against Islam” must be countered with violence. CAIR’s intentional and repeated use of the “attack” imagery is, therefore a potential call to violence.” By warning the press not to equate the Fort Dix Six actions with religion, CAIR is trying to deflect the fact that it has been Islamist organizations like CAIR who have been fanning the flames for jihad in America, pushing the propaganda of “Islamophobia”, and insisting that Muslims in America are treated unjustly and in huge numbers – as Nihad Awad recently asserted during a meeting at the Adams Center* where he said: “There were 196 cases reported by the Justice Department for Muslims in civil rights cases. There were over 1,008 cases reported by the Jewish faith. We need to do a much better job not only in recognizing our civil rights but also in reporting it to the government. [It] is very critical and very important. … We really feel our community is more targeted. Fifty-four percent — this is one of CAIR’s surveys — 54 percent of all Muslims surveyed said they had been subject to discrimination. Fifty-four percent, which if you put numbers down, we’re talking about tens of thousands of cases, not dozens, as is reported in the Justice Department’s annual report.” (What Awad fails to mention is that it would be far more surprising if the survey showed less than 50% discrimination, considering the kinds of Muslims that associate with CAIR) Dr. M.Zuhdi Jasser of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy makes it clear that CAIR and other radical, political Muslim groups like CAIR are a clear and present danger to America: “Muslim organizations should understand that only Muslims hold the keys to the way to overwhelm and counter the ideology which fuels these radicals. Muslim organizations should be clamoring to expose and infiltrate the ideology and sources which drove these traitors to sprout their radical cell. We need an Islamic vaccine (the separation of spiritual Islam from political Islam) to the virus which afflicted these men. Until Muslim anti-Islamists can defeat Islamism (political Islam) as an ideology, we will not make any headway at preventing the germination of the next cell. We will only be left waiting, praying, for the FBI to help us, yet again, dodge the next bullet…” CAIR refutes all facts that “real” Muslims would commit violence in the name of the Islamic religion – even while CAIR insists that America is growing into a horrible place to be a Muslim. So horrible in fact, that CAIR Officer and convert Ismail Royer, an original employee of CAIR, decided to wage Jihad – while working for CAIR – by aiding and abetting terrorists. CAIR’s response to Royer’s terrorist activities was that Royer was not an employee at the time…a lie exposed by Anti-CAIR. Anti-CAIR unfortunately predicts more such plots by Muslims in America such as the Fort Dix Six as a result of CAIR’s relentless propaganda on behalf of radical Islam. Could radical Imams and Islamist groups like CAIR be largely responsible for the Muslim terrorist attacks? Is it possible that CAIR aids and abets Islamic terrorism by both failing to condemn Muslim terrorists and apologizing for them at the same time? Is “Islam under attack” in America? No, it isn’t. In our opinion, nothing CAIR says can change this fact, which is making CAIR so uncomfortable. CAIR needs Americans to “attack” Islam – to “burn down” Mosques, to “attack” peaceful Muslims and their customs – in order to foment civil discourse that would further the Islamist agenda of world domination under the disgusting Wahhabi cult of Islam. The fact remains: there is no country on the planet more welcoming, understanding, and sympathetic to Islam than the United States…and CAIR knows this to be true. Nowhere on earth will Muslims find their civil rights better protected than here in America … and this is something that even CAIR, with all its oily millions, cannot change if we are willing to stand up to them. Let’s not allow CAIR to destroy Islam in America …

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