If you listen to the liberal version of American History, you will learn that by befriending the wold Bill Clinton made the world safer, and by acting unilaterally George Bush made the world more dangerous. Of course I have never been one to suggest that we listen to the liberal version of anything.

Allow me to suggest that when it comes right down to it, the difference between the past two US Presidents comes down to two events, almost ten years apart.

The First was September 13, 1993 the signing of the Oslo accords. Under the stewardship of Bill Clinton, Israeli Prime Minister Rabin and Palestinian Terrorist Yassir Arafat signed an agreement for Israel to begin transferring power to the terror master. Nine months later Arafat triumphantly arrived in Gaza, beginning his iron-fisted rule and began to steal all the foreign aid that he could.

From that date, literacy in the Palestinian territories began to slip, infant mortality began to rise and the world was taught a very important lesson– Terrorism Works. It is a viable way to get what you want. The President of the United States, with the help of the Israeli Prime Minister just proved it.

Six months shy of ten years later, President George directed  American forces to attack Iraq, nine months after that Saddam Hussein was captured.

While no weapons of mass destruction were ever found, we know that Saddam had used them in his long war against Iran and against his own Kurdish subjects.

What ever happened to the other WMDs? No one knows for sure, I happen to subscribe to the theory that the fuel for the Syrian bomb factory laid waste by the Israeli Airforce almost two years ago came from Iraq.

No matter what the fate of the WMDs, this much can proved without a doubt.  Saddam Hussein’s Iraq was a state sponsor of Terrorism. Internally he terrorized his own people. Externally he paid the surviving families of any homicide bombers that killed Israelis.

Despite the mistakes that caused it to last longer than it should have, our incursion into Iraq was a battle against terrorism. Beyond Saddam, we fought al Qaeda and Iran on Iraqi turf.  Through our mission in Iraq we have started to teach the world that maybe terrorism is not a viable form of political expression.

The War that George Bush fought was the child of the agreement that Bill Clinton made ten years earlier.

Two Presidents, one empowered a terrorist monster and left the world a less safe, the other destroyed one and made us more secure.

Thank you President Bush.