Zbigniew Brzezinski cut his Israel-hating teeth as a member of the Carter administration. But this foreign policy adviser of Barak Obama has been very active since the worst president in the History of the US was tossed out of office. For example he was very vocal about Israel’s war with Lebanon equating it to a prison guard (Israel) shooting tied up prisoners. He has also been active supporting Messrs Mearsheimer and Walt’s attack on the Jewish Lobby. The authors, he wrote in the journal Foreign Policy, “have rendered a public service by initiating a much-needed public debate on the role of the ‘Israel lobby’ in the shaping of U.S. foreign policy.”Brzezinski fits right in with the rest of the Obama team of Israel haters, but now that the Obama Anti-Jew Crew has been lessened by one Zbigby is very sad.

Obama Adviser Brzezinski: Power Shouldn’t Have Resigned Former National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski seems to think that departed Obama foreign policy adviser Samantha Power got a raw deal. In response to a request for reaction to her resignation earlier today, the office of Brzezinski—another of Obama’s foreign policy advisers—relayed the following statement: “I think an expression of regret for using an inappropriate description of Senator Clinton should have sufficed. And I don’t think she should have resigned.” The Obama campaign said Power tendered her resignation on her own the morning after the publication of an interview with a Scottish newspaper in which she called Hillary Clinton a “monster.” “She submitted the resignation,” said a source in the Obama campaign. “She made this decision on her own to submit her resignation and we accepted it. Obviously, there was a lot of pressure from outside sources. ” But Power seemed to suggest in an interview with Irish radio yesterday that the decision on how or whether to sanction her would be the Obama campaign’s, saying, “I think that’s coming today. I suspect the guillotine is hanging over my head.”