I guess it had to happen. In the three days since conservative pundit Guy Benson revealed to Buzzfeed that he was gay the reaction in conservative circles ranged from ho hum to people rallying around Guy’s bravery. You see more important than is sexual preference is his talent as a columnist and the fact that in the small community of conservative writers, Guy is known as a genuinely nice guy. That “era of good feeling” was broken today by Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association.

In an article written on the American Family Association website called  “‘Gay Conservative’ Is an Oxymoron” Fischer writes:

The political editor of a nominally conservative website, Townhall.com, revealed this week that he is a practicing homosexual. Guy Benson will write in a book coming out soon that he is gay and a supporter of marriage based on the “infamous crime against nature.”

In fact, he admits that “from time to time” he may well become an occasional activist on behalf of the homosexual agenda. He also believes that the Republican Party’s embrace of natural marriage, the institution God designed and defined at the dawn of time, is a “barrier to entry to the party,” a barrier which he believes must come down. He seems dedicated to do his part to demolish this barrier and turn the GOP into a sodomy-promoting political machine.

WOW….Guy must be powerful. In a party where we can’t quite unite to figure out a healthcare plan in response to Obamacare, one conservative writer is going to ” turn the GOP into a sodomy-promoting political machine.” Gee whiz, and I thought it was the Joooos who controlled the world.

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Apparently Mr. Fischer believes that he is ultimate authority in who can be considered a conservative.  I wonder if he considers me a conservative, after all I am Jewish and do not believe that Jesus is the Messiah, although I respect the beliefs of my many friends who are Christian. 
Many of the adjectives used by Fischer are his, and not representative of what Guy said in his Buzzfeed interview, instead Fischer resorts to fear mongering in the style of the global warming moon-bats. Thankfully he stops before declaring that if Guy Benson isn’t stopped the ice caps will melt and New York City will be flooded.  Sadly he approaches that type of frothing at the mouth craziness as he declares Guy Benson is dangerous to the conservative movement.

Benson is young, smart, and articulate and often appears on Fox News as a pundit on all manner of political issues. This makes him particularly dangerous to the conservative cause

 Later on Fischer calls on Salem to fire Guy Benson.

Townhall, by the way, is owned by Salem Media Group, which describes its mission as “targeting audiences interested in Christian and family-themed content and conservative values.” To my knowledge, Salem has yet to explain how paying an openly homosexual activist to be the political editor of its main public policy publication is consistent with this mission.

Bryan Fischer himself is a special kind of oxymoron..he is missing the oxy part and is simply a moron on so many levels.

Ronald Reagan was credited as saying, “My eighty-percent friend is not my twenty-percent enemy” a saying Mr. Fischer should wear on a “yellow sticky” on the baseball helmet I am sure they make him put on his head for protection every time he leaves the house.

You see before Monday, Fischer probably agreed with everything Benson said. After all he is a small government, balance the budget, individual freedom type of conservative.  In the years Guy has been writing this is the first time he mentioned his sexual preference because as he said in his buzz feed article:

“Gay rights is not something that dominates my attentions — or my passions — and that may seem incongruous, that may seem counterintuitive to a lot of people,” he said, “but the issues that I care about most undergird the reasons why I’m a conservative and have been forever and will be a conservative moving forward.”

When reading Guy’s commentary last week before he “came out” the same thing goes through my mind as when I read his stuff this week, “DAMN! That was brilliant, how come I can’t come up with stuff like that!” Personally I don’t think about his sex life when I read his columns, but then again I don’t think about Charles’ Krauthammer’s when reading his, George Will’s reading his, or even someone’s like Guy Benson’s co-author Mary Katharine Ham’s when I read her stuff….it’s simply not what I am reading them for. Although I have to admit if Sofia Vegara wrote a political column that would probably change.

The real question that arises is, if Gay rights is not Guy Benson’s dominating issue why it is Mr. Fischer’s dominating issue?

Actually Benson’s view on Gay marriage is similar to that of most libertarians:

“I’m for civil marriage, I’m for nondiscrimination laws — but I think there should be broad carve-outs for religious organizations, in particular, and narrow carve-outs for closely held businesses that serve the wedding industry,” he said.

Or as Dolly Parton (who Mr. Fischer must consider as evil as Guy Benson) once said, “Why shouldn’t gay people have the right to be as miserable as the rest of us?” (she was joking).

As far as the Christian part, I must admit I am not very familiar with that.  However I do know the Judeo part of the Jude-Christian tradition. Hillel, the great Rabbi of Talmudic times was once challenged to teach someone all Jewish teachings while standing on one foot.  He lifted one foot off the ground and said, “What is distasteful to you, do not do to others, the rest is commentary.” Then there is the concept of Loshen Hara, evil tongue were we are commanded not to speak bad of others even if it is true. Perhaps Mr. Fischer could re-read Numbers Chapter 12, the part where God strikes Moses’ sister Miriam with leprosy for the sin of Loshen Hara.

I have never read the Christian Gospels, but I have been told that in the Gospel of John, Jesus says, “He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.”  Before he worries about what he perceives as Guy Benson’s sin perhaps Mr. Fischer should worry about his own (To be honest in my mind, Guy Benson’s only sin is being a better writer than I am).

Maybe it doesn’t matter.  I never read Bryan Fischer before today. After today Bryan Fischer will return to the obscurity he so richly deserves and I will go back to reading Guy Benson as one of my first reads every day (unless of course Sofia Vegara starts writing a column).