Regular readers of these pages know  my little “pet name” for the leadership of the global warming hoaxers is “The Holy Church of Global Warming Moonbats”

There is a Judge in the UK who believes just as I do, except he is serious.

In a landmark ruling, Mr Justice Michael Burton said that “a belief in man-made climate change … is capable, if genuinely held, of being a philosophical belief for the purpose of the 2003 Religion and Belief Regulations”.

The ruling could open the door for employees to sue their companies for failing to account for their green lifestyles, such as providing recycling facilities or offering low-carbon travel.

The decision regards Tim Nicholson, former head of sustainability at property firm Grainger plc, who claims he was made redundant in July 2008 due to his “philosophical belief about climate change and the environment”.

In March, employment judge David Heath gave Mr Nicholson permission to take the firm to tribunal over his treatment.

But Grainger challenged the ruling on the grounds that green views were political and based on science, as opposed to religious or philosophical in nature.

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The implications of this are much further reaching than “employment law.” If Someone who lives in Britain and believes global warming is nonsense writes an article showing the anti-warming facts, are they now committing a anti-religion hate crime?

Strangely, last year the same judge Mr Justice Burton, ruled that the environmental documentary An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore was political and partisan. 

Mr Nicholson the plaintiff told a previous hearing that his views were so strong that he refused to travel by air and had renovated his house to be environmentally-friendly.

But his beliefs led to frequent clashes with Grainger’s other managers, while he said that Rupert Dickinson, the firm’s chief executive, treated his concerns with “contempt”.

Possibly Mr Dickinson has read an article or two that hasn’t been written by a global warming moonbat.

Mr Nicholson hailed the Employment Appeals Tribunal ruling as “a victory for common sense” but stressed climate change was “not a new religion”.

He said: “I believe man-made climate change is the most important issue of our time and nothing should stand in the way of diverting this catastrophe.

“This philosophical belief that is based on scientific evidence has now been given the same protection in law as faith-based religious belief.

“Belief in man-made climate change is not a new religion, it is a philosophical belief that reflects my moral and ethical values and is underlined by the overwhelming scientific evidence.”

…The regulations effectively broaden the protection to cover not just religious beliefs or those “similar” to religious beliefs, but philosophical beliefs as well.

 This is a scary day for freedom in Great Britain, the ruling will now limit the ability to dissent against the global warming nonsense and ads a whole other category of “PC” that must be practiced in the workplace.  The only positive thing coming out of this case may be that this time, Larry David might urinate on Al Gore during his show.  That would be worth the price of admission.