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Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin had been threatening to invade “Blog Bash” for the past two weeks. He called CPAC’s organizers the ACU and the party’s venue to scream and warn people not to cooperate with the National Bloggers Club.

Extra Security was hired for last night’s festivities and at least one sponsor said to me in the afternoon that he was worried about the security.  After assuring him that every security detail had been taken care of–the sponsor was confident that all would be fine.

At about 9pm my daughter (at CPAC is going by the nom de plume of “Kid of the Lid”) ran up to me exclaiming “Daddy there is someone outside taking pictures through the window.”

I knew it couldn’t be Kimberlin….after all it was only 9PM and  with his proclivity toward pre-tween girlfriends he would probably wait till she went to sleep at 9:30.

As I went outside to confront the cameraman he ran across the street. As I followed he put his camera up to take pictures of me.  Eventually he put down his camera and got nose to nose.

With our faces almost touching he said, ” You can’t intimidate me.”  I replied ” You can’t kiss me.”

Eventually he admitted who sent him to BlogBash —Brett Kimberlin, the Speedway Bomber.  Apparently the man who had tried to intimidate the party venue from hosting the event, who as @breitbartunmasked had been tweeting nasty slanders against myself and other members of the BlogBash committee for the better part of two weeks..hired a photographer to take pictures of the party…didn’t have the guts to take his own pictures.

So goes it will all bullies.  Show weakness and they will continue to attack—stand up to them as many of us have been doing with blog posts and other writing —they back off.

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