Living in the Moscow office must be “getting to” leaker of American secrets Edward Snowden, through his father’s attorney he has made an offer to voluntarily return to the US and be tried for espionage.

In a letter written by Bruce Fein, a Washington-based lawyer for Snowden’s father, Lonnie G. Snowden to Eric Holder dated yesterday (and obtained by  CNN’s  Christiana Amanpour), Snowden:

 demands that the former National Security Agency computer contractor who exposed details about U.S. surveillance programs remain free prior to trial; not be subject to a gag order; and be tried in a place of his choosing.

It further demands that, if any of those promises is broken, the prosecution would be dismissed.

“With these written representations and guarantee, Mr. Snowden is reasonably confident that his son could be persuaded to surrender voluntarily to the jurisdiction of the United States to face trial,” Fein wrote.

What do you think? Should Holder “give in”  to the demands?

UPDATE: To Clarify it is Snowden’s Dad making the offer, he says publicly he hasn’t spoken to his son since April.