Earlier this morning a pro-Edward Snowden group protesting Rep. Peter King’s comments calling the NSA leaker a traitor flogged an effigy of the Congressman and went on to try and attack his office.

King, a Congressman from Long Island and Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, has been out front in his critisizm of the NSA leaker labeling him  a traitor and  calling for him to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The group called “Society for Truth and Justice” claims that by this condemnation, Representative Peter King undermines U.S. citizens’ rights against “unreasonable search and seizure”(of course the group itself is trying to deny the Congressman’s Right to Free Speech).

The group was led by Randall Terry who created the group Operation Rescue, which takes a less than peaceful tact to the Pro-Life movement.   Two months ago Terry appeared on an episode of MTV’s True Life
advocating the criminalization of all forms of birth control. During the
course of the episode he stated,

“Do we want to make the pill illegal?
Yes. Do we want to make the IUD illegal? Yes. The morning after pill?
Yes. The patch? Yes. Anything that’s a human pesticide, they all have to
be made illegal. A woman has to go to jail if she kills her baby.

After their 11:30 protest on the South Lawn, a group of less than ten people  made its way to King’s office led by Terry in a Revolutionary War Period Costume carrying a long “scroll of questions” for the Congressman. He was accompanied by a Woman in a pink dress from the same period. As they stood outside Rep King’s office they ranted “King is a Traitor.”

There was no one available in the Congressman’s office to give an “official” statement, but one staffer told me off the record that the protest at the office was reminiscent of the “Old Bethpage Village Restoration” a Long Island historical site which is a window into life in the 18th century.