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I am not sure if it was the first of two waves or the Occupy protesters do not know how to tell time, at 2pm, three hours early, the folks at occupy Denver came into the hotel lobby and started screaming. Funny thing is there were maybe 20 of them and 300 conservative bloggers. They don’t be very smart in the way they pick sites. They tried to shout us down, 300 bloggers with cameras and knowledge—it didn’t work very well.

 Their biggest mistake was not only trying to attack 300 bloggers, but 300 very snarky bloggers. We did not fight “fair.” Instead of fighting with fire we fought back by making fun of them.

The gentleman under the arrow was screaming that we were all getting money from the Koch brothers, that’s when we began to chant “Where’s the Dog?” referring to Shelby, the dog who was elected the leader of Occupy Denver.

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We kept changing the chant, at other times we chanted “Brietbart” and “Spaghetti” ..the Occupy Denver folks were stunned.

While they were trying to Occupy the Hotel Lobby we admitted that there was a distant relative of the Koch Brothers working with us:

Yes, you guessed it, the famous Coke Soda. Below we sing a cheer to Mr. Koch Brothers are giving you money.

When  we followed the protesters outside, we encountered an occupy protester who must have had a horrible skin disease because he covered himself up.

This woman from Occupy Denver brought her son, but that didn’t stop her from later giving me the finger. Classy broad.

And a big thank you to the Denver PD who took one of the worst offenders to the pokey.

We all sang goody to our new Occupy friends As they left we sang Na, Na, Na, Na, Hey, Hey Goodby.(thank you Jason Pye for taking the video):

UPDATE Ed Morrissey not only has more but a good round up of the various stories many of us here at BlogCon have filed.  Its a must read at Hot Air. 

Update 2: Warner Todd Houston Has even more. 

Update 3 : Our Occupy friends came back I wasn’t at the confrontation this time, but my friend Da Tech Guy was.  Go to his site and read all about it.

In the end MAJOR Kuddos have to go out to the Denver PD and the security staff of the Crowne Plaza Hotel, for the way they handled the invasion and protected all of us at BlogCon.  

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