In a move considered shocking by most observers, Today the President of the United States declared a No Fly Zone over the City of Los Angeles. Newsbusted covers the story and gives the reason behind this unprecedented move. Other stories covered by Jodi Miller in this newscast include,  the entire management team of MSNBC has resigned to take positions at Fox News, Why President Obama is having problems using his new IPAD 2 and the reasons why the Secret Service had to rename the Presidential Limo. All this and much, much more can be found in today’s Newsbusted, the twice weekly feature from . Its the funniest two and a half minutes on the internet since 6:45 this morning.

This episode of Newsbusted is a must watch, in fact it is so important that if you do not view the video below, New York Senator Little Chuckie Schumer will come on your next family vacation just to stick his head in front of your camera every time you try and take a picture.

So click play below and remember, swallow whatever you are drinking unless you want your computer to be damaged from the resulting spit take and enjoy the latest episode of Newsbusted, and the real news (sort of).

Oh, and if you cannot see video below click here

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