Maybe it was all of those offices offering advice to a fake hooker and pimp on how to avoid taxes.  Or it could have been the lady who said she killed her husband or Juan Carlos the creepy guy in the San Diego Acorn office who wanted to help sneak the underage hookers over the boarder.  But either way this is good news for the supporters of justice, the IRS has announced that it fired ACORN. (H/T Ed Morrissey of Hot Air)

IRS severs ties with ACORN over scandal


WASHINGTON — The IRS says it is severing ties with ACORN, the community activist group involved in a scandal after employees were caught on video giving advice to a couple posing as a prostitute and pimp.

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The Internal Revenue Service said Wednesday it would no longer include ACORN in its volunteer tax assistance program. The program offered free tax advice to about 3 million low- and moderate-income tax filers this spring.

The IRS said ACORN, which is short for the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, provided help on about 25,000 returns.

The House and Senate voted earlier this month to sever federal funding to ACORN. And the Census Bureau severed its ties with the group for the 2010 national head-count.

This isn’t a victory of the the criminal enterprise, it is just one battle.  We need to keep up the pressure, there needs to be a FULL investigation of ACORN, by an independent counsel that includes its relationship with the Obama White House and Democratic party.  Frankly something smells and until this is totally investigated the American people will never know for sure if political corruption was involved.

As more information is forthcoming I will add it to this post

UPDATE: Was ACORN Fired or did they Quit?  This From the Boston Globe

ACORN, the embattled anti-poverty advocacy group, took another hit today.

Joining the Census Bureau, the Internal Revenue Service announced it is severing its ties with ACORN, which had been included in a volunteer tax assistance program that offered free advice to about 3 million low- and moderate-income taxpayers.

The IRS said ACORN, embroiled in a scandal after employees were captured on hidden-camera video giving advice to a couple posing as a prostitute and her pimp, provided help on about 25,000 returns.

This afternoon, ACORN released a letter, dated Monday, from CEO Bertha Lewis to the IRS saying that it was suspending its tax assistance activities.

“ACORN has been pleased these past few years to work with the Internal Revenue Service to help low- and moderate-income families save hundreds of dollars each tax season by working with ACORN to receive free tax filing assistance. As you know, through this partnership, ACORN has become one of the largest participants in the SPEC program. Since 2004, we have helped nearly 150,000 families with tax preparation, generating $86 million in earned income tax credit (EITC) refunds and $190 million in overall refunds for low- and moderate-income taxpayers,” Lewis wrote.

“As you know, ACORN has been the target of a sustained attack from conservative forces for a number of years. Recent videos generated by conservative activists, including one from our tax clinic in Baltimore, MD, have raised questions about our service programs. That is why I have suspended new clients into our service programs and am naming an independent review of these programs. Today I want to notify you that for the 2009 tax season, I am suspending all ACORN tax preparation services. It is clear that our the independent review will not be complete in time to allow these tax clinics to adequately prepare for the upcoming tax season. Upon completion of this review, we will revisit our participation in your programs.”

 I am assuming that the IRS hasn’t broken off ALL ties, I am sure that they will still take tax dollars from ACORN.