Gee is Eric Holder on vacation? How did they slip this one
through? A according to prepared statement by
deputy attorney general James Cole to be given to the House Oversight Committee tomorrow,  the Justice Department is
“investigating the circumstances of the lost emails from [former IRS
official Lois Lerner’s] computer,” as part of its criminal probe into the IRS’s treatment of
politically active conservative groups.

The Wall Street Journal reviewed tomorrow’s prepared testimony today.

Mr. Cole’s comments underscore the potential seriousness of
the email loss, which has roiled congressional probes of the matter and angered
some top GOP lawmakers. The IRS has blamed the loss on a crash of Ms. Lerner’s
hard drive—a common occurrence at the agency, officials say. They add a backup
tape also was routinely recycled after six months.
 “Finally, someone in the administration admits that the
destruction of two years of emails from Lois Lerner is fishy,” said Rep.
Jim Jordan (R., Ohio), the chairman of the subcommittee that is holding
Thursday’s hearing. “While this is welcome news, there are still
significant bipartisan concerns with the administration’s overall investigation
of the IRS targeting.

The real question is can we trust the Eric Holder-led DOJ to conduct a real investigation of the missing emails, or is it lip service.