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Boy Oh Boy, can Jay Carney dance.  At today’s press briefing twice the White House Press Secretary couldn’t explain conflicting answers – twice – between Obama’s campaign and the White House. Twice he was specifically asked did anyone at the White House leak national security information.

Oh he said Obama hates leaks, that he didn’t authorize leak, he said the administration thinks national security information is important, heck he even said it was absurd to think that anyone in the White House would leak security information for political gain. But Jay Carney practically tripped over his undershorts trying to avoid a simple Yes or No to the question, “was anyone at the White House responsible for the national security leaks.”

Seems to me, that if the answer was no Carney would have flatly denied it.   Watch the video below and see if you agree with me that the White House Press Secretary has a future on “Dancing With The Stars.”

UPDATE: The White House leak story wasn’t the only Jay Carney refusal, twice he was asked whether the Administration recognized Jerusalem or Tel Aviv as the Capital of Israel..twice he refused to answer.

Talk about a lousy day at the office.

Look, we all know that this Administration just like every administration since 1948 does not recognize Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel.  But Carney’s refusal is reflective of the fact that this Administration is trying to hide it’s actual policy on Israel until (God-Forbid) a second Obama administration.