Through its sources within the Iranian regime, the National Council of Resistance of Iran
(NCRI) has obtained highly critical and reliable intelligence on the
existence of an active and secret parallel nuclear program in Iran.

Revealed at a Washington DC press conference on Tuesday Morning the NCRI revealed that Iran is continuing to work on uranium enrichment in an underground complex hidden for years from the U.N. nuclear inspectors. The group says the facility is right outside Tehran in a heavily protected 62 acre facility.  As evidence the group presented a picture of one of the plant’s doors, which is a more than one foot thick lead lined door that shields the center from radiation.

NCRI also reports he huge, secret rooms are insulated for sound and leaks so they would not be detected by the west. They say say the Iranian regime has been continuing to lie for more than a decade and has deceived the world community. And if the United States is serious about preventing the regime from developing Nuclear Weapons it must make the inspection of the site a priority.

has been invaluable in exposing some of the most significant parts of the Iranian regime’s
nuclear weapons program, including Natanz uranium enrichment and Arak
heavy water sites (August 2002), Kalay-e Electric centrifuge assembly and testing facility (February 2003), Lashkar-abad Laser enrichment and Lavizan-Shian site (May 2003), Fordo underground enrichment site (December 2005), and Defensive Innovation and Research Organization, SPND (July 2011). 
More on this story as the presentation materials become available.