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Just a half-hour ago, Harry Reid took the Senate floor and started a rambling speech about how he supports the Constitution and how women and little babies would have a lousy life should the Senate Swine Omnibus bill not pass, that’s when he sprung the Christmas surprise. He is pulling the bill and will work on a short term continuing resolution that will fund the government till the new Congress convenes. Reid no longer has the votes. I have to tell you if I was John Boehner I would have started bawling out of joy.

Reid said he initially had agreements from 9 Republicans to vote for the bill, but that those votes have since evaporated. Brandishing a pocket copy of the U.S. Constitution, Reid defended earmarks, saying it’s one way to preserve the checks and balances put in place by the founders and that ending the practice would transfer too much power to the executive. Yep the founders believed in that Disneyland to Las Vegas high speed train that he added to the stimulus bill last year.

Reid sprang the bill on the Senate on Tuesday believing he had the votes, but two days of pressure being brought on the Democrats led by Senators Jim DeMint and John McCain along with hundreds of thousands of phone calls by Americans sick and tired of congressional waste and overspending changed enough of those yes votes to no.

The government already is operating on a temporary stopgap measure, set to expire at the end of Friday.

On the bright side those two thousand page bills will make great wallpaper for Nancy Pelosi’s office.

Our job, however is not over, Reid is filing for cloture on the start bill on Saturday.

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