As bad as the NY Times can be, its corporate sister to the north, the Boston Globe is worse. In fact the Boston Globe is kind of like the Times on LSD, because its editorial hallucinations are worse, its grip on reality more tenuous.

Take for example its editorial this past Sunday regarding Islamo-facism week:

According to the Globe, the week’s purpose“was to discredit scholars who insist on making careful distinctions among the various movements and ideologies that are grouped under the rubric of political Islam.” The editors worry, “If all Islamists are carelessly labeled Islamofascists, it becomes practically impossible to distinguish” the Sunni-led Taliban from “the Lebanese Shi’ite movement Hezbollah…Palestinian Hamas or…Al Qaeda.” Real fascists, its editors state, were godless nationalists. Today’s Islamist threat, says the Globe consists merely of “stateless fanatics with a purist nostalgia for a seventh-century political and social order. Their primary goal is to overthrow regimes in the Muslim world they disdain as insufficiently Islamic…bin Laden has no panzer divisions.” Besides, “Loose talk about Islamofascism or Islamic terrorism also carries noxious undertones. Such labels intimate that there is something inherently dangerous about all Muslims,” and a violent war against worldwide Islam is “inevitable.”

The Globe goes on to criticize use of the term Islamo-Fascism:

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……“the Republican candidates’ use of ‘Islamofascism’” was “cruder still.” As examples of multiple GOP hopefuls who have used the term, the editorial cites Sam Brownback, who spake the I-word before bowing out of the race; Norman Podhoretz, now a Giuliani advisor, who used the term “Islamic terrorism”; and Mitt Romney, who dared to issue an ad condemning “Jihad,” which he called “a military threat unlike anything we’ve known before.” In this, the editors see a nascent call to Islamic genocide…….The Globe ends by calling on its readers “not to allow the threat from bin Laden and similar fringe groups to be blown out of proportion.”

That last line sounds a bit like John Edwards’ the war on terror is a bumper sticker.

The Globe is so wrong—its scary, but then again, it is owned by the NY Times The editors’ belief that Sunnis and Shi’ites could never collaborate is as dangerous as it is dishonest. As reported in Front Page:

…….the 9/11 Commission concluded, “The relationship between al-Qaeda and Iran demonstrated that Sunni-Shi’a divisions did not necessarily pose an insurmountable barrier to cooperation in terrorist operations.” In fact, the panel found, “Al-Qaeda members received advice and training from Hezbollah.”T he Commission reported Islamic terrorist conferences, where bin Laden’s Sunni warriors mingled with representatives of the PLO, Hamas, and Hezbollah. Elsewhere, Hamas leaders have acknowledged that Hezbollah provided training and “needed funds” to establish the first Hamas cell on the West Bank; according to U.S. and Israeli officials, the groups also coordinate attacks on Israel.

For all the assertion that terrorists were “stateless,” one word was curiously absent from this editorial on “Islamofascism”: Iran. Iran is a totalitarian Islamic state, founded on one charismatic leader’s cult of personality. Its Supreme Leader, the Grand Ayatollah, bends every aspect of his subjects’ earthly lives to Allah’s will, until the Mahdi returns. This violent, repressive, theocratic, misogynistic, and fascist nation is now seeking to acquire weapons far more destructive than “panzer divisions.” Its terrorist cat’s paw, Hezbollah (“The Party of God”), yearns to establish a second Iran, ruled by Shari’a law, somewhere in the Middle East. The opening of its charter echoes the classical strains of fascism: “We obey the orders of one leader, wise and just, that of our tutor and faqih (jurist) who fulfills all the necessary conditions: Ruhollah Musawi Khomeini. God save him!” Seig, heil!

When Chris Hedges – a former Middle East bureau chief for the New York Times who won a Pulitzer for that newspaper’s coverage of the War on Terror – branded conservative American evangelicals “Christian fascists,” the media did not object, although a Google search for Christian fascism nets 650,000 more results than Islamofascism. ……

…….And the Center for American Progress’ campus wing, Campus Progress, denounced the term Islamofascism, but its comment board features the term “Judeofascist” numerous times. CAP has yet to delete these references.

……..However, since Islamofascists are the perpetrators of the War on Terror and Western “infidels” are their targets, only Islamofascists can end this war – and they won’t. A clear assessment of these organization’s goals and theology are necessary to strengthen American resolve to protect her own freedoms and continue fighting the terrorists in their chosen battleground: Iraq.

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