Speaker of the House John Boehner seems to be standing firm, today today he appeared on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos and said there will be “clean spending bill” nor will there be a debit limit increase until the President agrees to negotiate.

“He knows what my phone number is, all he has to do is call,” Boehner, R-Ohio said on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos.

“The president just can’t sit there and say, ‘I’m not going to negotiate,’ ” Boehner said.

Boehner said that there aren’t enough members in the Republican-led House to simply re-open the government with no other strings attached.

“There are not votes in the House to pass a clean (continuing resolution),” Boehner said.

During the course of the 14 minute interview Stephanopoulos threw Democratic talking point after Democratic talking point at Boehner and the speaker kept asserting his willingness to negotiate and the president’s refusal.  Even though it is the President refusing to negotiate Stephanopoulos kept implying that it is Boehner being stubborn.

BOEHNER: George, I’m ready for the phone call. I’m ready for a conversation. I’ll take anybody on the Democrats’ side who wants to seriously sit down and begin to work out this problem. I’m a reasonable guy. I’m a reasonable guy. But I didn’t come to Washington to be a congressman. I came here to do something on behalf of my country.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So bottom line, you’re saying this is your absolute position. If the president continues to refuse to negotiate over the debt limit, if Democrats refuse to continue to negotiate over the government shutdown, the government is going to remain closed and the United States is going to default?

BOEHNER: The president — the president, his refusal to talk, is resulting in a possible default on our debt. All he has to do is pick up the phone. This is the most reasonable thing in the world. I think the American people understand, why wouldn’t they talk to each other? I’m ready to talk. I’ve been ready to talk

Watching the entire interview (embedded below) gives one the feeling that this time Boehner really means it when he say’s he’s going to hold firm, at least until the President agrees to negotiate (it also makes one wonder if Stephanopoulos believes he still works for the Democratic party.

Watch the entire interview below: