Jeff Foxworthy once said that there is only one answer to the question “Does my butt look big in this dress?” That Answer is “Do I have to answer that question?”
Foxworthy also made an observation about large women wearing Spandex, “If your bottom looks like two raccoons wrestling around in a fifty pound sack of feed, you are NOT ‘juicy’!”
PETA, the People for ethical treatment of animals, would disagree, if you your bottom looks like two raccoons wrestling…its because you are not a vegetarian.
The radical animal right’s group is continuing in its effort to upset just about everyone, with a bill board showing the back of a large woman in a bikini, with the caption…SAVE THE WHALES.
This latest effort follows a campaign to scare little children away from McDonalds, luring kids over for a “happy meal” and giving them a pamphlet with a bleeding dead bird.

PETA Wants to Save Florida Whales – Fat Women
Updated 6:15 PM CDT, Mon, Aug 17, 2009
Since it will be a few months before Michael Vick takes the field, PETA has decided to target someone else in preparation – fat people.

A new ad campaign, which recently launched in Jacksonville, takes aim at overweight people in about as direct a way as you can. A huge billboard in the city reads, “Save the Whales. Lose The Blubber. Go Vegetarian.” Next to the words is a pretty large woman, who looks to be about a biscuit away from becoming a whale dressed in a polka-dot bikini.

Now, that’s a low blow.

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“Our goal is help overweight Jacksonville residents – the best way to do that is to go vegetarian. We’re not trying to insult anyone,” Ashley Byrne, a senior campaigner for PETA told Huffington Post. “Vegetarians look and feel better than meat eaters. This is a life-saving message.”

Could this message find its way over Interstate 95 in the magic city? Don’t be surprised if it does. PETA has become a pretty noticeable force in South Florida

But the billboard could also get local PETA protesters sat on by upset chubby folks who more than likely will take offense to the billboard. As far as we can tell, this is PETA’s first real harpoon shot at large people. Usually the organization goes after seal clubbers or fur hunters and recently the group’s M.O. has been to use sexy images to draw people into their message.

But instead of sexy models barely covered in pieces of lettuce to push a vegan lifestyle, PETA is going with the shock and awe approach. It doesn’t appear that the billboard will be coming down anytime soon and its unclear what city the anti-fat message will show up next.

Maybe next month, PETA will be trying to save the hippos.

The first rule they teach people in advertising classes is never insult your audience. PETA’s insistence in insulting women and scaring little children does nothing but turn people away from their cause. The real “blubber” is in their heads.

Now excuse me I think I will go bar-b-que a steak.