Former NYC Mayor/Emperor/Mommy Michael Bloomberg defended Hillary Clinton’s handling of Benghzi in a recent interview with Politico. He said her critics were engaging in “cheap politics.”

“Hillary, you know, I’ve worked with [when she was a] senator and just as a friend, that sort of thing. I think most of the criticisms of Hillary are totally unfounded — you can maybe disagree with her policies, but what’d you expect her to do in Benghazi?” he said. “I mean, it’s that kind of cheap politics which I don’t like. She’s very competent.”

What’d I expect her to do? I don’t know, perhaps on day one when everybody knew it was a terrorist attack, perhaps she could have told the truth instead of bringing up a cockamamie story about a you tube video. Hillary Clinton spoke with Deputy Chief of Mission Greg Hicks around 2 AM the night of the attack he told her the embassy was under attack. At no time did Hicks (or any one else involved) mention a protest or a you tube video. Remember the President was still blaming well after the attack when he spoke to the UN. Perhaps she could have gone on the five Sunday shows instead of allowing Susan Rice to go on television in her place.

How about providing more support to the Benghazi mission? Don’t even think about saying it was because the GOP cut the budget.  Charlene Lamb who was the person in the State Department charged with getting help for our Mission in Benghazi testified back in October 2012, her decisions about security had nothing to do with budget.

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How about get our people out of Benghazi before 9/11/12? The British had already bugged out and left the city because it was too dangerous, in US April 2012, two former security guards for the consulate threw a homemade “fish bomb” IED over the fence of the mission.; the incident did not cause any casualties, The Imprisoned Omar Abdul Rahman Brigades
released a video of what it said was its detonation of an explosive
device outside the gates of the U.S. mission on June 5, which caused
no casualties but damaged the consulate’s perimeter wall. If we weren’t going to provide the mission with more protection, why the hell were we still there? There were certainly enough “hints” from the neighborhood terrorists.

When Hillary found out the mission was under attack, I would like to know what the State Department did to get them help? Did she request help from the military? If we didn’t have any assets close enough to protect our people, which allies who had assets closer to Libya did Hillary call to ask for help? Remember the attack didn’t end until about 7 hours after it began/

What could she do? Perhaps she could have been more involved, we have no idea what she (or President Obama for that matter) did after the initial meeting/phone calls about the attacks.

How about she didn’t have to put Gregory Hicks in career purgatory? Hicks the number two guy in Libya during the attack. After Ambassador Rice gave the bull story about the video on national
TV five times, Hicks called the Department to inquire why she was giving
that account which lead to him being reamed out and demoted.

That is just a few of the things Ms. Clinton could do…there is so much more.  Like she didn’t have to lie to the victim’s loved ones, blaming the attacks on the lousy anti-Muslim video.

The Democrats are right; this investigation should have
been over a long time ago. But what they forget is the administrations
own fault that the investigation is still ongoing and a select committee has been appointed.

Whether you believe it its a smoking gun or not, with the release of
the Ben Rhodes email we now know for sure that the administration has
not been honest with the American people and that they have not been
forthcoming with the congressional committees investigating the tragedy.
It is that reluctance to be transparent which turned Benghazi from a
quick “what did we do wrong and how do we fix it” into an ongoing, “who
came up with the lie and why.”

What Bloomberg doesn’t understand, and what the Democrats and Mainstream media doesn’t understand either, is the families of the victims do deserve the truth….but even more so the American people deserve to know if they were lied to by their leaders.
Progressives seem to believe that Americans should learn the
government’s talking points and believe every single character of every
single word.  That is not what America is about.  We have a tradition of
a healthy mistrust of government because our omnipresent fear of
tyranny.  We have never followed government talking points like a line
of lemmings walking off the cliff…and that’s part of what keeps us