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Yesterday when Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu described the Guerrilla Flotilla he said.

“The takeover of five of the ships passed quietly. In the sixth ship, our soldiers encountered an extreme group that supports Hamas terror. This wasn’t the “love boat” this was a flotilla of terror supporters.”

The Prime Minister was wrong, in this video we see that the flotilla headed toward the Hamas terror group was indeed “The Love Boat” (If you cannot see video below click here)

(H/T Elder of Zion)

Maybe when the Prime Minister was talking about the lack of love, he was pointing out the lack of love he has been receiving from his “ally” in the White House. The other day Secretary of State Clinton condemned Israel for the incident even before she had any facts.

Now it seems that our “Israeli-phobic” President is pressuring Israel to appease the terrorists, and reward them for the violence on Sunday morning, by easing up on the blockade.

The New York Times reported Thursday that the U.S. administration maintains that the naval siege cannot continue in its current format, and has apparently demanded that Israel ease its restrictions on the types of goods that are allowed to enter the Strip. The issue was brought up during a discussion between senior U.S. National Security Council officials and Netanyahu’s envoys Isaac Molho and Uzi Arad at the White House, both of whom returned to Israel from Washington on Wednesday.

So where are the pro-Israel Democrats in Congress, while their party’s President throws Israel under the bus? I check Google every day to see if my Congressman, Steve Israel who used to be a supporter of the state of Israel, has spoken out about Barack Obama’s  year long campaign against the Jewish State and the only think I have found is this video below:

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