How Cool is this–Tala from Jordan calls me arrogantly foolish. Thank you Tala…I hope you are not singled out for an Honor killing like so many Jordanian women. BTW could you give your diminutive King a message for me. Can you tell him Sammy says hi. And that I still feel that he is a racist? Thank you

Monday, 4 February 2008

Meet The J-Blogosphere JIBs and Outer Shell Aggregators

J-Blogs refer to a segment of the Jewish Blogging Community that has been there since 2004 which for me at least is something interesting to explore parallel to what the arab blogs produce, i always wanted to hear their people speaking because its more informative than their newspapers, but from first impressions, i felt that these people are very much organised and they come in a direct, sharp, focused and clear manner and sometimes very arrogantly foolish,, drives me nuts,, but they are loyal to their community and are very safety oriented, so when a jew wrongs his community he gets judged harshly by his people for endangering the whole, for hurting the whole, the important thing. this is how this minority has protected itself over the years.

if you like to check them out, one of their oldest aggregators is

and here are some other famous ones as well:

  1. JBlog Central ; selective blogs that are very pro israel in a “good” way
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  3. ; there since 2006
  5. English Writing Israeli Bloggers ; seems peaceful one
  6. Top 50 Israeli Blogs MUST CHECK !!
  7. there are more through google and yahoo engines 🙂

Israeli’s have an annual awards for the best blogs for the year which is voted by the J blogosphere around the globe, it calles JIB awards (Jewish and Israel Blog Awards!) hmm,, these people are having so much fun there,, dont you think and guess what, whats the aim of it??? to direct new readers towards Jewish, Israeli, and pro-Israel blogsTala’s info is


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