HOLY COW !! JOHN MC CAIN DOES HAVE COJONES. Last night President Barack “My Middle Name is Hussein Dammit” Obama spoke at the House Democratic Caucus boondoggle in Williamsburg, Va.  He gave a rousing campaign speech, bashing President Bush at every opportunity, throwing his promise or bipartisanship out the window.

Today on the Senate Floor John McCain responded with the fire and passion he did not show during the campaign.(see Video)

“The whole point, Mr. President, is to enact tax cuts and spending measures that truly stimulate the economy,” McCain said. “There are billions and tens of billions of dollars in this bill which will have no effect within three, four, five or more years, or ever. Or ever.”

The President keeps talking about bipartisanship, he is willing to talk to anybody but he did NOT get involved. He allowed Nancy Pelosi to draft a horrible bill, and didn’t help to make it better.

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McCain’s criticism comes after a significant period of détente between the two campaign rivals and a direct effort by Obama to woo McCain and get him involved in policy negotiations. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), still a strong surrogate for McCain, told Politico that he believed Obama was “AWOL” on bipartisan negotiations on the stimulus, further showing the discontent on the GOP side of the aisle..

“Here’s the point I’m making. This package is not going to be absolutely perfect, and you can nit and you can pick,” Obama said Thursday. “That’s the game we all play here. What I’m saying is we can’t afford to play that game. We’ve got to pull together.”

But I thought he was the Messiah, can the Messiah achieve perfection? McCain  let Obama have it right between the eyes:

“$50 million in funding for the National Endowment for the Arts — all of us are for the arts,” McCain said. “Tell me how that creates any significant number of jobs? After-school snack program is probably a good idea. Do we really want to spend $726 million on it?”

Well Senator, If they are serving really good Ice Cream it might be worth it. McCain went on to talk about the fact that the Democrats may be able to pull off a Republican vote or two and pointed out correctly that it does not make it bipartisan:

“You can call it an agreement, but you cannot call it a bipartisan agreement,” McCain said.

 Don’t get me wrong Senator McCain.  I am very happy you are fighting this stupid bill. I just wish you had shown some Cojones six months ago and we wouln’t be facing the next almost four years of Obama.

To read more about McCain’s speech (without my “pithy” comments) Click here McCain blasts Obama