A professor and black activist claimed that America’s election system needs to be changed to make a black person’s vote count twice as part of “reparations” for slavery.  black votes should count double

Brandon Hasbrouck, an assistant professor at Washington and Lee University School of Law who teaches the sham filed of “critical race theory,” says that counting a black person’s vote twice is a way to defeat white supremacy.

“Vote reparations would empower us to replace oppressive institutions with life-affirming structures of economic, social, and political equality,” Hasbrouck argued in his article for the Nation. “And if our elected representatives did not prioritize this transformational work, we could vote them out.”

Hasbrouck went on to say that the Electoral College is a “core problem” because it was set up by the Constitution’s framers to “protect the interests of slave states. And “Along with the Senate, the Electoral College was critical in the endurance of slavery and its continuation by other means.”

Obviously, Hasbrouck isn’t a history teacher. The number of electors each state gets is set by the number of congressional members it has. The Constitution’s framers from the northern states put the 3/5 compromise into the constitution to reduce the number of pro-slavery proponents in Congress. By including only three-fifths of the total numbers of slaves into the congressional calculations, Southern states were actually being denied additional pro-slavery representatives in Congress and electoral votes for selecting the president.

Sadly the framers didn’t account for assistant professors, who had no idea of what they were talking about.

“Wyoming, which has just 580,000 residents and is 93 percent white, gets three electors because of its two senators and one representative in the House,” the professor deduced. “By comparison, Georgia’s Fifth Congressional District — which includes Atlanta, has 710,000 residents, and is 58 percent Black — has no dedicated electors or senators and can only occasionally overcome the mostly white and conservative votes from elsewhere in the state.”

Another way to look at it is the state of Georgia is 32.6% African American and gets 16 electoral votes. Wyoming gets 3 in the electoral college with 1.3%. So the electoral college favors the state with the larger Black vote (a conclusion that’s just as illegitimate as Hasbrouck’s).

He concluded with:

“Because white votes currently count more than Black ones, double-counting Black votes would restore electoral balance. Vote reparations would be a giant step toward remedying our nation’s long history of denying and devaluing Black votes.”

“To address systemic racism, we must transform how we choose our government.”

After reading Hasbrouck’s article, a real way to address systemic racism is to transform how assistant professors are chosen. Based on his writing, Brandon Hasbrouck shouldn’t be teaching our kids–that man is a racist who never learned American history.

Parts of this post were first seen at Great American Politics