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Folks Here is what happened since 3AM..I will continue to update throughout the day so  check back:

9AM: Overnight we learned that the mission was completed by the Navy Seals in conjunction with the CIA. Both had forces on the ground.

Bin Laden died a coward’s death, word is he was hiding behind a Female Human Shield 

Bin Laden’s Body was buried at sea to prevent his grave from becoming terrorist shrine.

Interestingly the initial tip was developed from intelligence gotten from the enhanced interrogation techniques at Gitmo.  The nickname of one of the Al Qaeda terrorist messengers that owned the house he was hiding out in was procured via harsh interrogations during the Bush Administration.  The August tip that  we got was the real name that went with the nickname.

The truth is without water-boarding and/or the hours of making them listen to hours of the Barney Theme Song worked.

Note From My Son:  My son told me this morning that Osama Bin Laden is Probably very surprised to find out that those 72 virgins were all male video game nerds.

Celebration at ground zero: Bagpipes:

9:38 Video of Inside of Osama’s Compound after US Action

12Noon- Lots more to come out within the next 90 minutes but I thought this little tidbit was interesting.  Bin Laden was “given up” by his wife.  She was the one who told Identified her husband for the Seals.

And the FBI didn’t take long to update their Most Wanted List; Love the “D” Word

Here are pictures of Obama’s compound

The compound in 2005:
A side-by-side comparison of the compound in 204 and 2011:

The compound in 2011:

And finally, an illustration of the compound:

(via Jake Tapper and the Blaze)

Here’s a Blown up picture in color via Google Earth:

1:35 PM-Apparently Bin Laden’s body arrived at the Aircraft Carrier USS Carl Vinson  at around 1 AM. A senior U.S. defense official said religious rites were read on the ship’s deck the north Arabian Sea before a weighted bag bearing the sheet-wrapped body was tipped into the sea about an hour later

Hamas, which is now part of the Palestinian Authority Government Mourns the loss of the Warrior Osama Bin Laden.

“We regard this as a continuation of the American policy based on oppression and the shedding of Muslim and Arab blood,” Ismail Haniyeh, head of the Hamas administration in the Gaza Strip, told reporters.

Though he noted doctrinal differences between bin Laden’s al-Qaida and Hamas, Haniyeh said: “We condemn the assassination and the killing of an Arab holy warrior. We ask God to offer him mercy with the true believers and the martyrs.”

 The team on the ground not only left with the body of Bin Laden but computers hard drives etc.

The Word is the White House is debating whether or not to release a picture of the dead Obama (the picture circulating around the internet is a photo shopped fake).

I believe they have to, otherwise there will be people who won’t believe it true (there is no truth to the rumor that Donald Trump has asked to see the long-form death certificate).

The Below is an eye witness account of the raid by one of Bin Laden’s Neighbors (from Al Jazeera. 

2:00 PM The National Security Team Press conference. John Brennan insists that if there was an opportunity to capture him they would have. He says it was inconceivable that Bin Laden didn’t have a large well developed support system in Pakistan.

2:10 PM Apparently the Pakistani Air Force got wind of something going on in Abbottabad and toward the end of the mission began to scramble their Air-force.  Remember they did not know the mission was going on. Thank fully they did not try and engage our team of Heroes.

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