Most “Never Trumpers” have stopped with the Trump-bashing. Maybe they recognize that President Trump has performed extraordinary well as commander-in-chief despite that they don’t like his confrontational tweets Not Bill Kristol, though. The former conservative attacks Trump as much as he can. But Bill Kristol had finally explained what was behind his particular brand of “Never Trumping,” he’s a Democrat. On Saturday night, Bill Kristol came out of the Democratic Party Closet. Bill Kristol Democrats


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The twitter response was not gentle:

Ouch, that’s going to leave a mark.



Why am I not surprised? I don’t believe that Kristol is legitimately a Trump-hater or a Democrat. In the years before Trump was nominated, he began getting tossed off of his TV gigs because, quite frankly, as a pundit, he was simply boring and lacked the ability to add to the conversation.  In his case, the reason for being a Trump hater is that he’s like being a petulant child looking for attention, but beyond the flurry based on his Saturday announcement, it’s not going to happen. Remember what happened to Arlen Spector? He switched parties and was primaried out of his Senate seat by a fellow Democrat. What Kristol is beginning to find out, is what most people who switch sides learn— the end, both sides hate you.

Bill Kristol Democrats