Joe Biden’s crooked FBI has stopped reporting reliable crime statistics and it is helping Biden to make the false claim that crime is falling under his regime when it is not.

report at Just The News notes that since its recent change in the way it takes in its crime stats, the number of police departments across the country reporting their data has cratered to less than 65 percent of departments.

As Just The News reported:

Among the reasons that the disparities might be so wide between the UCR and NCVS is that crimes that occurred, but were not reported, would not appear in the FBI’s UCR so, if the reporting rate falls, the gap between actual crime and what the FBI reports will grow.

Additionally, 31% of police departments didn’t report data to the FBI in 2022, according to The Marshall Project. The FBI’s transition to a new reporting system, that required more work from local law enforcement agencies, contributed to the relatively low response rates, according to the Washington Examiner.

In 2019, prior to the new reporting system, 89% of departments representing 97% of the population sent data to the FBI, the Examiner reported. In 2021, when the system was mandated, about 63% of agencies, covering 65% of the population, reported data.

Even among the jurisdictions that are reporting data, the FBI is undercounting crimes, according to the Examiner. Nashville’s 2023 municipal data, for instance, reports almost 1,000 more aggravated assaults than appear in the FBI’s dataset, the Examiner reported. Similarly, Baltimore reported 262 murders in 2023, but the FBI only logged 225 in the city.

And yet, despite that the FBI is no long reporting anything close to comprehensive numbers, the media are using the FBI’s not false numbers to show that crime is down in Joe Biden’s America.

The fact is, crime is worse under Biden.

Nearly every local jurisdiction is showing that in their own reports.

JTN added:

Despite these disparities, several media outlets published stories claiming that crime was declining in the United States. Mainstream outlets like NPR, Reuters, CBS News, The Hill, NBC News and PBS all presented FBI data to report that crime is decreasing, without mentioning the conflicting data produced by the NCVS.

NBC went as far as to say that “the drop in crime does not appear to be well understood by large majorities of Americans.” A December Gallup Poll found that 77% of Americans believe crime is getting worse.

The media is happy to report lies.

As long as it helps Joe Biden.

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