During his senate confirmation hearing, Biden’s pick to lead the  FAA, Phil Washington, proved himself to be embarrassingly unqualified for the job. Washington is the CEO of the Denver Airport (which may explain a few things). He faced the Senate Confirmation hearing in which he could not answer basic questions about aviation, revealing that Mr. Washington may not be qualified for the job.

For example, one question was,  What are the restrictions for aviation safety? Washington’s answer was “High Blood Pressure.”

At least he didn’t say cooties,

Listen to this nominee’s answers to basic aviation questions from Senator Ted Budd (R-NC)

This is another case of hiring because of “DEI” (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) rather than skills or qualifications. Airlines have gone the way of idiocy, and now there is a snarl at many of the nation’s busiest airports and danger for airline passengers. Competency has gone the way of the Mastodon.

“I believe your record is woefully lacking. And, in fact, you have zero aviation safety experience. And I don’t believe you’ll have the votes for confirmation.” Sen Ted Cruz, R-TX.

The FAA is in charge of safety in administrating the nation’s airports and airlines. According to Democrats, Mr. Washington is fully qualified for the job. Republicans are not convinced. Washington would be the first Black head of the agency if confirmed…and since Democrats control the Senate, it is likely, despite the fact he knows as much about airplane safety as I know of advanced calculus.

Controversial pick

The resume for Phil Washington seems impressive on the surface. He is a US Army veteran who retired as Command Sergeant Major. He holds several college degrees even though he was expelled from high school. He has held positions with several Transportation authorities, including the Los Angeles Metro. In 2021, just after he was named CEO of Denver International Airport, a criminal investigation into potential corruption was launched out of Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department after a whistleblower claimed corruption in 2019. Denver hired him anyway, and Washington claimed it was a disgruntled employee who made the complaint. Washington is accused of ignoring a search warrant regarding the allegation of pay-to-play at LA Metro.


The fact that Washington was “team lead” for the Biden transition team for transportation makes us wonder if this is another favor granted. His resume does not mention aviation safety experience, something critical for the head of the FAA.


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