If you are like more than half of America, you are finding it harder to pay your bills. For most of us, that is because our annual incomes are no longer adequate to pay our bills. And the soaring amount it takes to be in the middle-class is one reason we are falling behind.

According to the website GOBankingRates.com , Americans are really falling behind during the Biden junta.

In fact, the amount that Americans need to be considered middle-class has risen a whopping 42 percent since 2012 (during the middle of the Obama term).

The minimum average amount to be middle-class in the U.S. is now $50,099 annually. Of course, that does not mean $50K is middle class in every part of the nation. The site notes that in Mississippi that income level is $35,323, yet in Maryland it is $65,641.

Regardless, all these numbers have soared since Obama’s years.

According to private equity fund manager Grant Cardone, the middle-class has shrunk from 61 percent of Americans to only 50 percent today.

As the Western Journal noted, “That meant annual incomes of between $30,000 and $90,000 per year for single Americans, as well as $42,430 to $127,300 for a couple and $67,100 to $201,270 for a family of four.”

Obama and Biden have made all of use worse off… unless you are an ultra-rich leftist or an illegal alien.

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