According to the SCHMOTUS (Schmo of the United States), Joe Biden the Republican Party is being led by two rookie Senators, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. At a fund raiser for the flailing candidacy of Mass. Democratic Senate hopeful  Ed “Its Not Math Its Only Arithmetic” Markey, Joe went over the ledge again:

“It’s a pretty simple proposition: The United States of America, and the state of Massachusetts, does not need another Republican in the Senate,” Biden told the assembled donors, according to the press pool report. “I’m being straight about this. This is not your father’s Republican Party. It really is a fundamentally different party. There’s never been as much distance, at least since I’ve been alive, distance between where the mainstream of the Republican congressional party is and the Democratic Party is. It’s a chasm. It’s a gigantic chasm.”In particular, Biden shared his distrust of two young Republican senators, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.“I’m not talking about the character or even the quality of the minds of the people I’m going to mention. But the last thing in the world we need now is someone who will go down to the United States Senate and support Ted Cruz, support the new senator from Kentucky — or the old senator from Kentucky,” said Biden.

“Think about this. … Have you ever seen a time when two freshman senators are able to cower the bulk of the Republican Party in the Senate?

First of all Joe must have forgotten that Rand Paul has been in the Senate for three years.  His boss, the POTUS was in the Senate for two years  (much of that time campaigning) when he became President.  That means Paul has 50% more experience than Obama had

On the gun issue, I don’t care what your position is — I called 17 senators out, nine of whom were Republicans. Not one of offered an explanation on the merits of why they couldn’t vote for the background check, ” Biden claimed. “But almost to a person, they said, ‘I don’t want to take on Ted Cruz. I don’t want to take on Rand Paul. They’ll be in my district.’

“I actually said, ‘Are you kidding? These are two freshman,’” Biden continued, according to the report.“This is a different, party folks. They’re not bad guys, and they’re both very bright guys. And I’m not questioning their motive.”

 Come on Joe…name names!  Or do I have to ask the NSA for the phone records of those conversations?

The truth is the background check legislation was not even brought up for a vote because Harry Reid didn’t have enough votes in his pocket for cloture. There were Democrats who opposed the Bill including Sens. Max Baucus of Montana, Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, Mark Pryor of Arkansas and Mark Begich of Alaska.  And it wasn’t that the GOP was united on the issue–heck one of the sponsors of the compromise bill was Sen. Pat Toomey a Republican.

It seems as that SCHMOTUS is using an old trick he learned from his boss.  If you fail blame it on the opposing party. And If you don’t have anything nice to say….say it about Republicans, or the Tea Party, or Big Business. But Heaven Forfend–don’t even suggest that you possibly don’t have the support of the American people or the Constitution.

Source of the Biden Quote, the Weekly Standard.