It’s been a second since we’ve given the press a well-deserved proper beat-down for their mendacity on how the Media(D) have been covering for their preferred candidate instead of, you know, reporting on him.

The fish slap Ted Cruz gave to a sock-puppet pretending to be a journalist in his Presser on the Border just hours before the end of Title 42 has just whet our appetite for some more of the same.

As it happened, the good folks of NewsBusters put together a handy-dandy list of how the media have been mendacious — quietly shielding No-Malarky Joe from even the slimmest ray of sanitizing daylight. With an emphasis on ‘quietly.’

Selective reporting that magnifies negative red stories and positive blue stories sure looks an awful lot like the way Time Magazine says various groups cooperated to ‘fortify’ (Trump prefers the word ‘rig’) that election in 2020, doesn’t it?

Let’s look at what the news outlets have been doing with the various scandals swirling around Biden’s head, shall we?

As we like to say, ‘Hunter’s Laptop Matters.’ The old BLM slogan served as a source of inspiration for our ClashDaily exclusive HLM merch. And for anyone wondering why yes, those little white lines ARE what you think they are!

As a point of reference, let’s remind our readers what third-party observers said about the journalism bias even during the supposed ‘Honeymoon period’ of Trump’s presidency.

With that as a backdrop, let’s look at TWELVE Biden Scandals that MRC is tracking the media reporting for… and see if you can guess how much airtime the news networks allocated for each of these stories.

  1. James Comer Oversight Committee press conference showing Biden family received upwards of $10M from foreign parties, including new revelations of $1M from someone in Romania during Biden’s time as VP.
  2. Revelations about the active participation of the CIA in the bogus ‘Russian interference’ letter that changed the course of 2020’s election. [By way of the Prepublication Classification Review Board]
  3. Sen Johnson claiming evidence that Hunter paid money to a sex trafficking ring for prostitution.
  4. NYPost being blocked from attending a White House event
  5. CIA chief misleading signers of infamous ‘Russian Misinformation’ letter.
  6. Devon Archer (Hunter’s partner) dishing dirt on Hunter to avoid jail
  7. Biden claims Hunter ‘did nothing wrong
  8. WH and Hunter’s lawyers clash over defense strategies
  9. Bogus ‘Russian Disinformation’ IC memo was deliberately made by CIA chief — to give Biden a debate talking point to help his election chances
  10. Grassley & Comer subpoena FBI docs showing bribery allegations against Biden relating to his time as Obama’s veep.
  11. WH refuses to acknowledge Hunter’s illegitimate daughter during a child support case
  12. The proposed GOP budget passed by the House cuts Social Security and Medicare.

Total minutes any of those were covered on the networks, per MRC reporting?


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