The biggest “caravan” of illegal aliens in years is on its collective way to our southern border, featuring more than 5,000 illegal aliens who intend to crash our border, break our laws, and steal our tax dollars, jobs, and benefits.

“Many of the migrants are from Central America and Venezuela. Most are from Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, and Honduras. They are traveling on foot from Tapachula in southern Mexico, near the Guatemalan border,” wrote Townhall’s Karen Townsend.

One of the organizers of this band of criminal lawbreakers is Mexican native Irineo Mujica, who is also a U.S. citizen who specifically traveled to Tapachula, Mexico — which is on the border with Guatemala — to entice thousands of illegals to travel north and crash the border.

This traitor to his adopted country is attacking Joe Biden for not allowing enough illegals to enter the U.S.

Meanwhile, more than ten million illegals have already illegally crossed into the U.S. from points south since Joe Biden was installed in the White House.

But even as he is planning to break our laws, Mujica also points out that Joe Biden is being badly used by Mexico and other nations and Biden has “lost control of the border” situation, according to the Daily Mail.

“I am a human rights defender for almost 70 years and I have not seen it worse,” he said.

“This is not normal. This is being used by the countries to make sure they get what they want from the United States.”

He said the Latin American nations were “transporting people, letting people in,” as a way to get money from the United States to deal with the situation.

“Definitely Joe Biden has lost the ball – he has a lot to learn,” Mujica continued.

He then made an astonishing statement.

“I think the policies of Joe Biden are worse than Donald Trump, as Trump at least knew what to say to stop immigration,” Mujica said.

Mujica then insisted that Biden “has lost all the respect of countries.”

“Obrador can pull them in and get what he wants from the United States,” Mujica said.


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