Joe Biden is once again pushing the same old lies that Americans could never buy a cannon and that the founders restricted weapons of war and kept Americans from owning them. This is a flat-out lie, but it is one that he keeps trotting out even though the claim has been debunked repeatedly.

On Tuesday, the disaster-in-chief spoke to supporters at a fundraiser in Kentfield, California, where he once again trotted out his well-worn lie.

At one point, he opened with an outright lie about himself, saying, “I’m a Second Amendment guy.”

This is a flat-out lie. Joe Biden has never, ever been a “Second Amendment guy.” Never.

But that is the least of it. He said, “I taught it for four years, six years in law school.”

Yeah, no. Joe Biden never “taught” anything. Joe Biden never taught a class on law in his life.

Then he went on with his false historical factoid.

“And guess what? It doesn’t say that you can own any weapon you want. It says there are certain weapons that you just can’t own. Even when it was passed, you couldn’t own a cannon. You can’t own a machine gun. (Laughter.) No, I’m serious.”

Oh, he’s “serious,” alright. And he is a liar.

There has never been a time in the U.S.A. that an American citizen could not buy a cannon. They absolutely could buy a cannon during the Revolutionary era and afterward. And that includes today. Any American can buy a cannon even today.

But he’s also wrong about owning a machine gun.

Yes, they are highly regulated. But any American who passes the legal requirements can own a machine gun today.

Biden tells these same lies over and over and over again. And the media simply ignores it.

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