Joe Biden and his anti-American Democrat Party are so radical that now the regime is sending planes to other countries to fly the illegals Donald Trump deported right back into the U.S.A.

What more can Biden and his illegals-first party do to destroy America?

Don’t mistake that there is always more they can do to destroy America.

This is why they should never, ever be given the chance.

Per the Washington Free Beacon:

The Biden administration is flying previously deported Cameroonians whose asylum claims were determined to be invalid back into the United States, according to interviews with Immigration and Customs Enforcement staff and internal agency memos reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon. [Emphasis added]

The program, which has not been announced to the public, appears to be a response to a February 2022 Human Rights Watch report about dozens of Cameroonians deported between 2019 and 2021 and then allegedly mistreated by their government. An estimated 80 to 90 Cameroonians were deported during that period of time. [Emphasis added]

But now some are arriving back in the United States under a program with little precedent, both current and former ICE officials say. All of the individuals deported under the previous administration were found not to have valid asylum claims in the United States.

As Ronald Reagan once said, “there you go again.” Well, there Biden goes again, searching for yet another way to destroy the country.

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