The Lid had the honor of being the guest of Mark Schaftlein on his program The Schaftlein Report. Mark and I had a great conversation, I revealed why it’s not a coincidence that it’s a big news day every time I am on his show, Kamala Harris’ fake French Accent, why Joe Biden’s poll numbers have fallen off a cliff (don’t blame me; I voted for the mean tweeter). and all the topics below. Biden approval hits a new low

1) Democratic Senators Whitehouse, Hirono, and Blumenthal call out the Biden Supreme Court Commission
*Why – they are not giving them what they want – The only ideas that they embrace is Term limits
*This does not fit the RADICAL Agenda for Court Packing favored by Democrats
2) Biden asks the FTC to examine if Oil and Gas companies are inflating gas prices – He is looking for a scapegoat while a Federal judge just granted an injunction on Biden’s Executive Order banning oil and gas drilling on federal lands
3) House awaits the CBO score on their $1.75T spending package that includes massive tax breaks for wealthy Americans in SALT repeal
4) Florida is a step closer to crippling vaccine mandates setting up a clash with the Biden Administration order
5) VP Harris makes a fool of herself claiming the border crisis is Trump’s fault in a blatant propaganda statement fiasco
6) She compounds her stupidity claiming to passing a giant spending bill will bring down inflation – She is utterly clueless
7) Biden handlers cancel press conference with leaders of Canada and Mexico – Keep him isolated as it appears he is incapable of handling the questions
8) Rittenhouse case day 3 with the jury
9) Colorado Representative Boebert lambastes Ilhan Omar

Make sure to watch Mark’s program every Monday-Thursday It’s posted at  8PM on the Schaftein Report website or on the Shaftlein Report’s Facebook page, which can be found by clicking here. Watch the show below– I promise you will find the program entertaining, informative, and at times a bit snarky (it wouldn’t be me without some snark)

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Biden approval hits a new low